Sunday, June 13, 2004

Is big-hair-rock making a comeback? And should we be worried?

misc_rantsOk so perhaps I'm a bit out of the loop, but I've only just heard about The Darkness. Hmm, just did a Google and every single website says they're "England's most talked about band". Hey, I'm in Australia, it takes a while for news to travel, OK?

Anyway what is the deal with these guys?

Oh wait..that's not them, that's the band I'm booking for gran's birthday next month. (I just think they look so DYNAMIC! They can rock out even when they're having an epileptic fit. THAT is professionalism, folks.) Hang on...

Have I entered a time warp? What year is this? What's my name? Does electro even exist anymore? ("Yeah, we've got a moog..." "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!")

The big hair! The tight pants! The stadium-sized rock-ballads! It's like Spinal Tap never went away!

These guys are certainly rockin' it 70s style, and I'm finding myself strangely both drawn to and repelled by their high-pitched warbling, hair flicking and pelvis-thrusting. There is something a bit sexy about a man with tight pants and big hair, but then again, it's hard to get too excited about a guy who looks better in satin and uses more hair product than you.

Is late 70s prog rock making a comeback? Will there be a sharp increase in purchases of polyester bodyshirts (outside of India)? Will men grow their hair long and curly, in attempts to look like Robert Plant (but end up more like Michael Bolton pre-chop)?



  1. what is extremely funny about the darkness is that they're in their very early twenties. now i don't know about anyone else but i like my rock 'n' rollers to be old, wrinkly, drug fucked and with scantily clad women young enough to be their granddaughters hanging off of their guitars! now that’s rock 'n' roll. i just don't think the darkness can pull it off for much longer...the guitar solos have been strummed before and the ball pinched wails have been screamed has come full circle and yes….we should be scared. thinking about originality, anyone heard the new brittney album? it rocks!

    nice blog PetStarr…


  2. dunno who "anonymous" is but
    yeah - its making a comback. The Darkness have been around for years and have just made it big. theyre a lovely bunch of guys too.
    and no they're not in their early 20s - the singer turned 29 recently for a start!

  3. by the way - the Knights of Darkness look amazing.... I want to be them.

  4. The first time I saw The Darkness, I thought it was someone taking the piss out of Cock Rock! Serious, the way that guy's voice jumps into falsetto, the hair, the clothes, I really thought it was a piss-take! It was only a dedicated fan who put me straight that made me realise they are serious, and that to me is even funnier than if it was a joke! hehehe