Monday, August 30, 2004

Superchemicals at the supermarket?


I was just at the supermarket, not 10 minutes ago (I know it seems like I go there an awful lot, but bear with me) and no, I wasn't buying turkey this time.

So anyway, I bought a bag of frozen chips, a bottle of juice and a box of dishwasher tablets. When I got to the checkout, the girl put the juice and dishwasher tablets together, and got another bag for the chips.

Being an environmentally conscious girl I said "Stick the chips in the same bag, please."

She looked at me like I had ordered her to stick the chips up her jacksy.

"But, but, there's dishwasher tablets in there," she said.

Erm, pardon?

"They're full of chemicals," she explained. (Unlike the chips, of course.) "You sure you don't want a separate bag?"

Cue my rant.

The dishwasher tablets are INDIVIDUALLY PLASTIC WRAPPED inside A SEALED PLASTIC BAG inside A SEALED CARDBOARD BOX. Not to mention the chips, which are also in ANOTHER SEALED PLASTIC BAG and probably full of weird-ass chip chemicals anyway.

What the HELL kind of superchemicals can bust through 2 plastic bags, a cardboard box, and another plastic bag to attack my chips? And even if they could, why would they WANT to? And for that matter, why wasn't the check out girl concerned about them infiltrating my juice?

Even if I licked the side of the dishwasher tablet box, and started chewing on the flap that says 'open other end', I doubt I would come to any grief from the chemicals within.

What is WRONG with people, and their obssession with putting things in individual bags, when they're already in individual bags in the first place? It pisses me off. Comments welcome.

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  1. For some reason, this reminds me of my lunatic ex-girlfrinds insistence that we couldn't use washing up liquid.

    "Why not?" says I.

    "It's full of chemicals. It'll give you cancer"

    "But, it's specifically designed for use cleaning things that are going to be used for eating!"

    "Don't care. Don't want cancer. Get scrubbing".

    More generally the whole tendency towards superslerilising our lives annoys me. People are surprised that asthma and allergies are on the rise, but if children grow up in an oxygen bubble this is going to happen in the real world.

    I say MORE chemical mixing in store bags. DIRTIER kitchens. More children encouraged to EAT MUD.