Saturday, September 04, 2004


misc_rantsDriving through my neighbourhood today I noticed a newly-erected sign on a street near my house. I have seen these sorts of signs before, but I've always been puzzled as to their meaning.

It's not a usual "50km/hr" sign, or a "GIVE WAY" or even a simple "SLOW". No, it's one of these:

sign of confusion

What exactly does this mean? Are you only allowed to drive down the street if you live ON that street? Or somewhere in the general area? If so, who's checking?

Perhaps local means you have to be a resident of South Australia. In which case, all tourists and foreigners probably require a visa to be stamped at the corner shop before they can drive through.

And does it only apply to cars? I mean, are non-locals allowed to WALK down the street?

WHAT DOES THIS SIGN MEAN??? Comments are appreciated.

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  1. It could be a result of increased competition between local drug trafficers and the big national firms. Maybe the council has taken action and introduced quotas. Now you know where to get your crack cocaine from LOCAL criminals.