Sunday, December 26, 2004

Petstarr's Christmas adventure

misc_rantsMerry Chrimble to you all! Here's a short rundown of my Christmas day adventure, photo-diary style:

First my mango got the Stigmata...

Then I found this weird tinsel shit inside a prawn when I cleaned it out. It wasn't even inside the poo tube, it was just INSIDE the prawn. TINSEL! On Christmas! Brilliant.

Then I REALLY fucked up our Chinese BBQ duck. Check it out. I got every scrap of meat off that thing.

Then I went to a Christmas party and somehow the gods of photogenia were smiling on me as I managed to take this shot which makes me look a bit..well..dead sexy, let's just face it.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo to illustrate what I looked like after I'd gotten home, having consumed rather too much of...well, everything, and having cried all the way home in the taxi for reasons best left unexplained. But I'm sure you can imagine it.

Ok, so the blog was a bit crap today, sorry. But fuck you, it's Christmas.


  1. Very nice picture at the bottom.
    That duck looks scary though.

    -(Sea Urchin Ceviche from B3ta)

  2. Were you crying for the duck? You did fuck it up pretty good.

  3. This is never a crap blog. Good work with that duck. I like a girl who respects the meat ;-)

    Fantastic pic btw ;-)


  4. c

    see you sat night darling.....