Saturday, December 25, 2004

A very nutty Christmas to you

misc_rantsSo I got another email from my nutter admirer today (see post below), which I will share with you.

Hello mystery lady,

Fröhliches Weihnachten und ein tanzender Bär!

That is my native greeting for Christmas day, "merry
christmas and a dancing bear" which is only used
here in Geichslachen Hausen. It has just turned 7am
and we are about to be having our morning service.

I have not slept because I am still with jetlagging, but
that is ok. I just wanted to wish you a merry
christmas and hope you are having fun and good

On the way over here I watched "I love my land"
again on my pocket television (only the first half
because you cannot use those on an airplane and I
had to turn it off) and I wanted to share with you my
favourite song from the film. In English it goes:

When the soil turns to grass
And the grass turns to trees
I love my land

When we walk hand in hand
Through the graves of our fathers
I love my land

There is wheat and babies
Which feed our family
I love my land

I love my land
I love my land
I love my land

In the terror of nightime
We can wake and fight crime
I love my land

Can you see my heart smiling
As I paint on the window
I love my land

When people drive cars
I feel this is my future
I love my land

You have some dry leaves
Which I rake into piles
I love my land

I love my land

It is a lovely song to hear with music, and it is very
old. I hope to hear from you soon, as you seem very
nice and well.


But I hate to ruin your fun. I have since found out that a rather bizarre friend of mine set the whole thing up with a fake internet profile and everything, just to take the piss out of me. Hilarious.

I am actually laughing, but still. :)

Ben, you suck.

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  1. Hehe. Glad this one was a wind up. Have a lovely xmas.

    Nick the Greek