Friday, December 24, 2004

Why I'm a mental-magnet

misc_rantsGood question. Why AM I a mental-magnet?

By this, I mean supremely attractive and utterly irresistable to mental heads, freaks, weirdos and nutters.

A previous case in point can be found here.

And now - a new nutter rears his mental head through the medium of email.

Some might say that having a profile on an internet dating site is really just asking for nutter attention, and that in fact, it could indicate some degree of self-nutterness. This I accept. But I like to think I'm normal (despite the lack of dates in my social calendar, and my willingness to participate in online dating)(sigh)

But I would never go out of my way to track someone down outside the site, find out their email address and send them THIS:


This is MENTALNUTTER, from the internet dating smile. i hope
you are not bothered by my email, i am showing you
my computer hacking skills which have given me
good work here for several years.

I guess you are a very busy person? you must be
quite healthy which is good, my last girl friend died
and i am ready to be happy again.

What are some of your favourite things? i have been
very impressed by Australian Idol, it is much better
than German Idol which is gefickt. I also like films, I
saw the new Wesley Snipe film which was very good
but my favourite is Ich liebe mein Land.

Well I will leave you to reply when you have time, or
if you do not want to hear from me again I will stop
and contact the other girl.


As if it's not enough that he has to freak me out with the whole 'dead girlfriend' thing, but then he threatens to write to "the other girl". WHAT OTHER GIRL?

Tch. Even the nutters are passing me up these days.


  1. Oh dear. I think you might be best letting this one go. If only there was some way of warning the other girl ;-)

    Nick the Greek

  2. Sorry if i freaked you out with my previous email .... no sorry, I can't do that to you. Just lurking generally through b3ta and saw a post, love browsing blog-o-sphere!. Have a nice christmas and a alcohol stained new year .... yay!