Thursday, September 29, 2005

The 90s are back - AS IF!

misc_rantschick_stuffOh my god, I'm like, totally freaking out - I think 90s fashion is coming back in.

I know, I know, we ALL said it wouldn't happen. But look what happened with the 80s. Whoever thought they'd see a metrosexual with a mullet? Case closed.

If we ever go back to this, I request to be euthanased.

The fashion creep has definitely started. Already I've seen the following items appearing in shops:
  • Alice bands
  • Pastel coloured jeans
  • Tight black jeans
  • Babydoll dresses
  • Opaque black stockings
But so far the strongest indicator that the 90s are clawing their way back from fashion hell appeared yesterday in Sportsgirl, where I saw this:


Alright I admit, she looks kind of hot. However I CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to ever wear a vest again. I went through a big vest phase when I was about 13. Op shop vests over t shirts with pastel jeans, along with an extremely dodgy shorn-off haircut (yes, with an undercut), are directly responsible for me being confused for a pre-teen boy/lesbian/pre-teen lesbian for most of my early adolescence.

Apart from all 90s fashion being pretty much appalling and unsalvageable (I'd like to see them try to make Tencel cool again) the worst part of all of this is that the kids wearing this crap will be the ones born in 1992 who think grunge is what you clean out of the kitchen sink and Nirvana is a transcendental state of bliss and harmony with creation. Tch. Clueless.

So everyone, we can choose to stay inside, lock the doors and not come out until the next fad cycle begins (in which case we may end up emerging in the middle of 'millenium' fashions and have to go back to the 80s) or we can lead the revolution and overthrow this mindless fashion regime by burning down Sportsgirls and spitting on people in Hypercolour or flannelette shirts.

Actually, best not to spit on people wearing flannelette shirts. They might not appreciate your fashion critique.

But if they're wearing a vest, go for it.


  1. Take it from me, I'll be good to you baby,...

    Fashion tends to go in 20 year cycles. So you'll be seeing oversize Cross colours pants and Orlando magic baseball caps ala East17 in the year 2012.

    Take it from me, I won't break your heart...

    btw, nice blog :)

  2. I've heard many a parent lament that if they'd "known bell-bottoms would be back in fashion [they'd] not have thrown them out"

    This was a while ago, though.

    The 80's took the brunt of most ridicule for a while; the music, the fashion, the language. But it all seems to be back, and it's rad and ace.


    Besides, there's no point in complaining, PetStarr. Whatever you're wearing now, which is obviously much better than the "appalling" fashion of the 90's, I guarantee that some kid will be ranting on a blog in 20 years time saying "OMG... they're not going to bring back 2005 clothes?! What are they thinking?! Happy pants and parachute silk tracksuits are the best!"

    And I think kids wearing faux-grunge is a lot more acceptible than the Emo retards who wear Misfits and Ramones t-shirts/hoodies without even knowing any of the music... (but only because "grunge" was a fashion movement as well as a music movement - whereas I don't remember a "Misfits" fashion movement).

  4. anything that gets rid of all those emo, screamo, elmo (sad flailing muppets) and other such nonsense gothic freaks from all our live venues.. can only be a good thing..

    but it makes you wonder.. wot's worse? the 90's grunge thing? or bringing back Salt N Pepper and Prince and all that spastic dance pop cheese? "mom pump the jaaaam.. pump it up.. and pump it.."

    (notice as well.. that PRINCE doesn't look like he's aged a day.. maybe he really IS one of the living dead.. wooo.. creepy..)

  5. i have seen them... bonds are making hypercolour t-shirts again!

    hyoer colour sweat marks!

  6. That bottom picture of the blonde girl - her ensemble is hot!!
    Bring back the vest..oh yess bring back the vest, guys included.

  7. You are not right, the 90's fashion was a lot better than the shitty 2000s fashion that is soooo GAY! 2000s should go to hell! They suck.