Wednesday, November 02, 2005


misc_rantsThis is a completely pointless post, but if anyone has found a black Motorola V620 flip mobile phone somewhere between New Saigon restaurant and La Sing karaoke bar on Gouger St between the hours of 10pm Tuesday, Nov 1 and now - I will love you forever if you contact me at petstarr AT

Similarly, if anyone knows anyone who has mysteriously "acquired" a new-but-scratched black Motorola V620 flip mobile phone, kick them in the goolies and then contact me at petstarr AT

You never know - the way Adelaide works, this might just work.

Somehow I doubt it.



  1. I would SHIT if i lost my phone. Hope you get it back.

  2. Sorry :(

    But for some reason I found this very amusing:

    somewhere between New Saigon restaurant and La Sing karaoke bar


    And a tip if you do get it back: be careful with the aerial cos my similar (but not as fancy-pants) motorolla phone broke 5 days out of warranty and I've known others it's happened to

  3. I don't wanna sound pessimistic or anything... but you're never going to see that phone again. Sorry. :-\

    Hahaha LaSing? Dodgy! Haha. Last time I went there I queued up heaps of classic 50's songs (Love Potion No 9, Great Pretender, Great Balls of Fire, etc) but they didn't play a SINGLE ONE of them, in favour of more recent poppy RnB crap. >:-(

  4. The weird thing is though, it's still ringing. It's nt been turned off, and no one has made any calls on it since I lost it (Telstra told me). SO WHERE THE HELL IS IT? Just went back to La Sing and hassled the owner once more to let me look under couches with a torch and...nothing. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS MYSTERY.

  5. ah! if its still ringing, and hasnt been turned off, and no one has used it, its simply hiding from you, not stolen.

    Did you catch a taxi?

    I lost my phone once in the Mars Bar lol. LOST forever I know, but its a pain in the ass getting those numbers back....not to mention the expense if you're on a plan to pay it off.


  6. La sensa mili-ferna hent. Plensa hoil, nes-pala san kilso-nom. Henker. Mesler henker. Plensa mesler henker. Ah, there is my special monkey. Toil in the sun, sweet simian. Toil, eat the sun-blessed flesh of the antler-lady. Yes.

  7. Ain no tahlin' monkeys heah. Bah thanks he gore imsalf some monkey tahm. Wail, ain't no monkey times here! See.

  8. If it is still ringing, then there's a good chance that no one has found it yet, and it's sitting on the ground, cold, wet, pining for mother to come pick it up...

    But I shall keep an eye out for one. Do you remember stopping at any point... or any diversions that happened between those two points? It could've fallen out of your bag or pocket (or whatever)

  9. I know, it's most bizarre. I don't think anyone found it/stole it - and if they did HA HA SUCKED IN BECAUSE I'VE BARRED THE IMEI SO IT WON'T WORK ANYMORE!

    It could be:

    1. At New Saigon restaurant, Gouger st, stuck behind something.
    2. At La Sing karaoke bar, stuck behind something.
    3. Hidden somewhere on Gouger street between those two venues.

    As I have thoroughly searched all three places, I can only assume it has turned invisible and doesn't want to be found.

    I've lodged a police report so hopefully someone might find it, realise it doesn't work, and take it to the cop shop.

  10. What did you sing at La Sing?

  11. You lost your phone, but you have gained a sense of peace.
    The only ringing you hear now will be in the office, at home or out with friends when their phone rings or when you are out alone and someone else's phone rings. Amendment: You lost your phone, but you have not gained a sense of peace.

  12. Oh shit, I can't believe I forgot to tell you... (I tried to add this comment from the office WEEKS ago, but it wasn't working, and I forgot by the time I got home)

    I've got a friend who is close with the owners of both Saigon and LaSing. I rang her up and got her to do a ringaround on my behalf. Neither have seen it.

  13. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T TELL YOU - FUCK MAN - I haven't seen your phone! Fuck, sorry I didn't mention this earlier. Like seriously, 'reverendtimothy', how about thinking before you commit your curdled thoughts to the internet? Sheesh.

  14. That comment wasn't meant for you. It was intended to let PetStarr know there's no dodgies being pulled at either venue, so it's likely been stolen at the venue or lost somewhere in between.

    If you don't like what you read, shut up - your comments are curdling my internet.

  15. I was just being a facetious prick. No offence intended. It was a cheap laugh at your expense and totally pointless. Should probably stick to the monkey-talk. Apologies, bows, scrapes etc

  16. so, did ya ever find yer fone?
    or is it forever lost in the land of missing socks, ballpoint pens, cigarette lighters and so many of my braincells from a long weekend out on the piss?

    just curious..
    (coz yeah.. I'm bored.. go figure)