Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A romantic thing happened on the way to my car...

chick_stuffA boy randomly gave me a red rose tonight on Rundle St.

I have no idea who he was, or what the rose was for, but as I walked past him on the way to my car he reached out and gave it to me.

See, I'm not lying, you bastards.

I just thought that was nice.


  1. That was really nice.

    Not to detract from the nice deed, since it's such a rarity these days, but your romantic encounter reminded me of the time I stalked this girl; such sweet memories...

  2. Echo BT3. What a nice thing to do. It's refreshing to see that things like this still exist, especially in a world where rundle street is more synonymous with noisy cars, expletives to women in short skirts, and general crap like that.

    Mental note: buy flowers...

  3. So chivalry is not dead, after all. Bound, shackled and bludgeoned from numerous acts of torture and neglect too gruesome even to name, perhaps. But not quite actually dead. Yet.