Sunday, January 08, 2006

Photos of Hong Kong

os_travelSorry these posts aren't really following in chronological order, but I've just found a place where I can plug my USB camera in that also has Photoshop. Gods be praised! So here is a selection of photos from Hong Kong, lovingly optimised for those of you still using crap dialup, so they shouldn't take too long to download. After posting this I will straight away post some photos and morestories about HCM, so check the menu on the left to make sure you're not missing anything.


Hong Kong harbour puts on a spectacular display at night for Christmas and New Year, with all the boats and buildings lit up.

The pretty seaside town of Stanley, where you can pay outrageous prices for beer, eat all-American food, and go shopping in the markets.

Yours truly in Stanley. You can't beat a good-old arm's-length shot, can you?

Stanley bay again, with fishing boats.

Sighted in Stanley - not sure I'd like to visit 'Rapee Living'... And as for 'Kiss My Kids Educational Centre' - doesn't Gary Glitter live in Vietnam now?

Sighted at Stanley market - the ugliest phones imaginable, carved out of wood. I can imagine a Bond villain stroking a white cat and talking on one of these... "Arhhh Mr Bond, how nice to see you..."

Who says Westerners can't buy clothes in Asia? Yes, I believe this is a SIX XL. I love how they write "Big big size!" on it, like we can't tell.

Selling flowers in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's groovy (and expensive) bar district.

Fly me to the moon... Christmas decorations in Lan Kwai Fong.

No one believed me about this place... and now you see it's true.

Random street art in Central Hong Kong.

These guys were staging a hunger strike near the Star Ferry terminal in Kowloon in protest of the WTO (I think). And they were right outside a McDonald's. As IF they didn't consider it. Come on!

Mirsta, I bought you one of these at the new Louis Vuitton shop in HK airport. Think it will be big enough?


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