Sunday, March 26, 2006

D to tha muthafuckin C!

I believe I've mentioned in previous posts (ie: this one) that before I moved out into the bachelorette pad (ie: when I was freeloading off my dear mum) I would spend much time parked in front of Channel V or MTV watching video clips on The Foxtel.

I knew every band, every song and every clip - rarely was I faced with a band I had heard nothing about. Some people might call this nerdy. I called it cool.

Anyway don't worry, because all that's changed now and every time I flip through Rip It Up I have no idea what they're going on about - all these indie bands have crazy names and wear crazy shit and it just makes me feel a bit...old. NB: If anyone is interested, I feel that 'One Foot Mexican President' is a great name for a new indie band.

So today after turning on Video Hits for the first time in ages (now that I am without The Foxtel, Channel 10 is the best I can do) and properly watching some new video clips, I felt moved to write something about a "new" hippity-hoppity group called Bliss 'n Eso.

Now perhaps this is just me being out of the kids' loop again, but I've never heard of these dudes before, although after checking their website out I recognised a song title I might possibly have heard blasting out of Sanity or a 12-year-old's Ipod on the bus, I can't remember which - Up Jumped the Boogie. You know the one - sort of like a lamer Limp Bizkit.

NB: If it turns out these guys have actually been around for 25 years and are one of Aussie hip hop's most seminal rap acts, please don't go all Richard Kingsmill on my arse in the comments - I don't actually care.

Right, so anyway this is Bliss 'n Eso:

Spot the similarities...

BLISS: "Dude, you can't wear your DC shirt, I'm wearing my DC shirt!"
N: "It's ok man, I'll put my hand out like this and obscure it a bit."
ESO: "Oh nooo, but I'm wearing my DC shoes! Think that'll be ok?"
BLISS: "Word, man."

I'd like to say this is a one off, but:

Deja Vu...

BLISS: "Oh man, we've done it again!"
N: "I told you I was going to wear my DC shirt to this shoot, so don't even go there."
BLISS: "It's ok, I'll stick my hand out again and cover it up."
ESO: "I wish I'd worn my DC shirt. All I had was this faux graffitti one from Jay Jays."

Can you spell SPONSORHIP DEAL, boys and girls?

BLISS: "Oh for god's sake, man!"
N: "Dude I couldn't help it - it was the only clean one I had! Mum put all the other stuff in the wash."
ESO: "Same with me, sorry."

Hardcore hip hopsters one minute, tree huggers the next.

BLISS: "Great, only one of us turned up in DC this time."
N: "Yeah we got your text message."
ESO: "But what the fuck are we doing in a rainforest, man?"
BLISS: "Our publicist said it was cooler than posing in a graffiti-filled street. It's less obvious."
ESO: "What about the train tracks down under the bridge?"
BLISS: "We're going there next."

Where everybody knows your name....

BLISS: "Shit man, I don't have any DC left to wear!"
N: "Neither do I! It took me five hours just to get out of the house this morning."
ESO: "It's ok guys - we can just wear these promotional hoodies instead!"
BLISS: "Isn't it a bit uncool to wear your own merchandise?"
ESO: "Nah man - remember what the publicist said? It's BRANDING."
N: "Yeah, branding is cool."
ESO: "Plus we look Australian AS posing in a pub. Awesome."

Rock on, Bliss 'n Eso. I hope you make a shitload of money and we never have to hear from you again.


  1. Hip hopping tree huggers...

    Sort of like an Easter Bunny with a woody.

  2. Unfortunately, their attempt to explain away their dress sense by being photographed with vast quantities of alcohol just doesn't cut it with me. Perhaps if they didn't have the ghetto blasters against their ears when leaving the house, they might've heard their mums telling them: "Son, don't go out dressed like that, you look like a fuckwit."

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  4. I love how pensive RightGuy looks in the forest photo. 'Like, I've totally come to reflect on my inner hip hop essence bro'. MiddleGuy's just chillin' and playin' along to the sounds of nature with his hippie harmonica while LeftGuy/DCman is like, 'Guys! We ain't no forest fairies! ain't y'all spreadin' yo arms out in da universal sign for badass?'

    Fuckin' A.

  5. their photographer loves to create depth.

    their photos are all out of date now though, it's no longer cool to look at the camera.

  6. their photographer loves to create depth.

    their photos are all out of date now though, it's no longer cool to look at the camera.