Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers have a Blurry Jack Johnson moment

misc_rantsSo I heard the new Chili Peppers track on the radio the other day, Dani California, and it ocurred to me that it sounded VERY much like something... I just couldn't put my finger on it.

After much humming and la-la-ing and gnashing of teeth I finally realised that it sounded EXACTLY like Blur's Country House mixed with a bit of Jack Johnson's Taylor.

Sure, scoff if you like. That's what my friends did too. "What a bizarre mix!" they all guffawed.

Well, seeing as I am being such a multimedia boffin lately (if you haven't seen my remix of the Victorian Tourism advert yet you should), I have made a mix of both songs to prove my point. I think you'll agree the results are astounding.

Dani California - a Red Hot Chili Peppers original

Dani Taylor Lives in a Country House - a PetStarr remix original

See? I told you.

Feel free to spread this far and wide, by the way. As long as you send people back to my blog, I don't care.


  1. I suppose the biggest diff between Blur+Johnson and RCHP is that if Dani California were a Johnson song, the lyrics would mention Hawai'i instead of Alabama.

    Besides that, nicely done!

    Anyone know how the rest of the new RHCP album is?

  2. Holy Sh!t downloaded both mp3 samples ...brilliant and amusing insight once again :)