Monday, May 15, 2006

A snapshot of my CD shelf

YES! My day in the sun is finally here. I am proud to announce that the BC comes up FIRST, not second - FIRST - in the Google search for "Keira Knightley's feet". Not only that, but for "Keira Knightley's teeth" as well. (And yes, I still get about 8 people a week surfing through here on those two.)

Oh joy of joys. To celebrate: a look at my CD collection.

If you want to try out this extremely fun time-wasting tool for yourself, clickity clickity right here.

Beware, it will hold your attention for hours and your dinner may burn in the oven. Not that mine did.

PS: yes, I am aware there is a Justin Timberlake record in there. Shut up.


  1. timberlake is fine by me

  2. Timberlake defies his genre, he should have his own genre.
    Pharcyde.. yesss!! good call, good hip hop collection, pity white stripes are in there tho.
    Am ripping of this on my blog.

  3. It's ok - I ripped it off another blog myself. Can't remember whose, though...

  4. I think there's Portishead in the air. I put Dummy back in my stereo the other night, and now I'm seeing Portishead everywhere!

  5. This comment is a few posts too late ...
    I'm in a uni computer room 'working' on an assignment and decided to go to the vending machine to get some chips. I see "Australian Sausage Sizzle" and it reminded me of your post a bit back.
    Seriously they just taste like Light and Tangy with a bit of tomatio sauce on em. The pack says they're representing Austrlaia in the 'flavours of the Commonwealth Games' series of chips. (maybe that's why they're tangy - possibly out of date)

  6. Damn them, they don't have Steps.

  7. I do belive I can't fault that shelf, even the Timberlake. The amount of crossover with my CD shelf is startling, including the Timberlake. I think I'm in love, but having seen Strange Attractions III I don't thnk the feeling would be mutual.

  8. Well judging by your profile photo I'm not entirely sure you'd have much chance either... I'm assuming that IS a photo of a monkey, and not you...?

  9. It's a heavily photoshopped image of an orang-utan actually. Some bad pictures of me are lurking on my blog [illustrating bad pictures]
    and my hotornot picture isn't a monkey, honest.