Sunday, June 04, 2006

Strange Attractions Part III

Right. It's Sunday afternoon, I'm still in my pyjamas, and in the tradition of Strange Attractions I and Strange Attractions II, I'm going to tell you about boys I like. Starting with a very obvious call:

1. Wentworth Miller

With hair...

Without hair. I don't really give a shit.

Ok, so I know this segment is supposed to be STRANGE Attractions, but I'm sure you'll let me off just this once. Other than Kelsey Grammar, Wentworth Miller is the only person in the world to have a name that sounds like a boarding school, and yet - I still would. We ALL would, come on, admit it. Wentworth is a delicious genetic aberration from everyday humdrum human gene concoctions. If the proper laws of reproduction were being followed during his conception, Wentworth would actually look like this:

THIS guy looks like a Wentworth.

A friend of mine recently complained that she didn't like Prison Break because Wentworth Miller only had one facial expression. Um, yeah - "hot". Enough said.

2. Mos Def

1-2-3... Mos Def and Petstarr sitting in a tree...

So I went to see Dave Chappelle's Block Party last night, and apart from continually thinking "Why won't someone throw a block party like that on MY street?" I realised something that had been staring me in the face for years - Mos Def is fucking gorgeous. The jaw, the lips, those chocolate eyes. WORD. Apart from which he's one of the snappiest dressers in the whole entire world, and oh yeah, he can rap too. Mighty mighty Mos, I bow to thee.

3. Zach Braff


Awww look! Isn't he cute? He's all thin and pale and SEXY AS ALL HELL. Look at those eyes! I LOVE Zach Braff. I don't really have anything else to say about this, except that watching him in Scrubs and Wentworth in Prison Break, I have developed a strange fascination with men who wear tight long sleeved cotton tops underneath short sleeve shirts.

Fashions in hospital and prison are essentially the same

4. Julian Casablancas


After Chris Cornell, Julian Casablancas (lead singer of The Strokes, guys, come on!) has the sexiest voice in rock. It's like velvet dipped in chocolate and covered with a mixture of honey and drain cleaner. And don't even tell me you don't understand that imagery. To be honest, he's not particularly good looking, except when he's writhing around on the New York footpath in Heart in a Cage, or actually looking tragic and fucked up in ANY of The Strokes' videos, and of course also in this photo. But Mr Casablancas is an example of where an individual's rock quotient is so high that it exceeds all other requirements for attraction, and as a result - I so would. It's why all men should learn to play the guitar and look a bit moody from time to time.

5. Hamish Blake

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Hamish Blake is funny and cute. Let's all admit it. Let's also all admit that Channel 7 should never have axed the Hamish and Andy show when it was on, because it had the potential to be the best thing since The Late Show and was actually bloody funny to start with. Now Hamish is making appearances on Thank God You're Here, which despite bashing the other day I am actually growing a bit fond of. And he's awesome. He's also younger than me, which makes me have sultry Graduate style fantasy sessions in which Hamish asks me if I'm trying to seduce him. And then cracks a joke and asks for a high five. Cute.

6. Angus Sampson

What am I thinking?

So, this really IS a strange attraction - Angus Sampson. I'm obviously on a bit of a Thank God You're Here trip, which is odd because I've really only watched it twice. At any rate, Angus used to be the Maggi Snack Stop guy, at which point in his career no one could have called him good looking without having undergone a full frontal lobotomy first. But now - something's happened to Angus. He's lost weight, gained some artistic facial hair, and started doing SERIOUS ACTING. And goodness, I'm finding him rather dashing. Even in this photo, where he looks like he's about to eat the chair he's sitting on.


  1. you write good blog, can we share link? amazing!

  2. Hands off my man Mos Def, girlfriend!

  3. oh oh oh zach braff is so terribly terribly tasty. very nice. thankyou.

    hamish blake is younger than pretty sure you're younger than me...that makes hamish blake a good deal younger than me...but still, he's lovely.

    i'll let you have him though, and i'll just take zach home and lick him all over.

  4. I have a big crush on the Braff since Garden State.

    And Hamish! I love Hamish. He's funny and cute. *swoon*.

  5. Ohh Wentworth Miller. one word: HOT!

  6. No, no, no, no and NO! The only thing Channel 7 have done right in recent years is AXE Hamish and Andy!

  7. mos def? mos definitely! and it was also while watching 'bloc party' that i realised.

    ps. you are a pisser - one of the first blogs i have read not out of morbid curiosity, but genuine empathy. rock on sister.

  8. angus is too damn hot!!!
    please more fotos

  9. Andy is cuute too (in case you didn't know)!!!!