Friday, June 09, 2006

Ticked off about stories about ticks

In reference to THIS article, which I wrote in September 2005, the following stories have recently run on A Current Affair and Today Tonight:

A Current Affair

Today Tonight

Oh and look, the Heart Foundation tick raises its ugly head again:

I'd like to point out that this is only a selection of the stories that ran this week. Doubtless I missed a whole pile of crap about internet scams and neighbours throwing dog crap at each other. Sigh.


  1. there's always ONE catagory which may possibly be lumped into the "weightloss" section.. but is otherwise known as the ever popular "boobies" segment..

    ie: "what's the best bra's for BIG BREASTED WOMEN!!".. or the horrors of breast implants.. or boob reductions.. or wacky clothes that make ya boobs bigger and you look slimmer.. woweeeee!"

    yeah.. you've probably seen that same damn story airing again every few weeks or so..


  2. I used to be a media monitor. Today Tonight was the bane of my life.

    An ad for TT happened to just flash across the screen. Word up Mr "I had the Da Vinci Code idea first" - if you're airing your gripes on TT, you might as well kiss the half billion you're suing for bye bye.

    This is sadly what passes for current affairs in our country.

  3. I don't have breast implants because I don't need them! Hehe!