Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Check out my mate!

A quickie, for all youse BC beeyatches - check out my mate Raoul Duke over on the HOAN Express. The Sopranos start again tonight and evidently he's excited, as this post contains the words and phrases:

  • chubby
  • slapping the old lady
  • banging pole dancers
  • cunt hair and
  • split watermelon

While you're checking out my mates, you might as well have a look at newcomer Redcap, who's made me proud by stealing my idea of paying out products in junk mail catalogues. Damn her and her psychic ways. Don't worry, I'll steal it back and do it in a month when everyone's forgotten.


  1. Don't lie, you're just trying to up your sleaze traffic by reproducing such scandalous phrases as 'cunt hair'...TRANSPARENT!

  2. Woo! Bland Canyon endorsement! What more could a gal want? It's not even my birthday. I wondered why my site traffic had jumped so suddenly :)

    And don't worry, PetStarr, there's plenty of junk mail and much derision to go around. You fill your boots.

  3. Good to finally have you back. Had you cleared holidays with us? No!

  4. PetStar seems to make a habit of turning up on other peoples blogs and accusing them of stealing HER ideas. Must be hard work being the only person who ever had an original thought?