Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weird Al Yankovic's Polkarama

I have always loved Weird Al Yankovic - whenever I hear the word "spatula" I still launch into a rendition of "Spatula City - we sell spatulas...and that's ALL!" from his movie UHF, and I only ever saw it once.

At any rate, if you've never heard his polka mash-ups (where he takes a bunch of popular songs, turns them into German beer-drinking, thigh-slapping style polka tunes and strings them together in a medley) then you're in for a treat. His new one is particularly good.


  1. Wow, someone else has actually seen that movie.

    And remember, if you buy nine spatulas, you get the tenth for just one penny!

  2. Drew:

    Some of us even remember Jason Richards better from that then some sitcom he later did...

    My fave polka is still Bohemian Polka.

    We used to do drinking games (Uni, country town) to Weird Al; Computer Geek "in joke" = shot, Trek/Wars ref = shot etc.

    We had to stop after the "Running with scissors" incident....

  3. What? There's more people in Adelaide than my immediate group of friends that have seen UHF?

    Just make sure you get your library books back on time...

  4. "Honey! Where's the spatula?"

    "I'm thinkin' about somthin' orange..."

    I can't think of anything that has been released in the last 10 years that wasn't in 4:4 time and so instantly polkafiable. And if that isn't a real word it should be.

    White and Nerdy is my new anthem.

  5. I hated White And Nerdy as a single, but the video proves that Weird Al still has something. Check it out here -

    Weird Weird Al fact #27 - his parents both died in a bizarre carbon dioxide accident two years ago.

  6. I UHF on DVD for $7 Canadian (about $7 AU basically) when DVDSoon still worked...

  7. Skootikins: Carbon MONoxide.
    Kit fur cat: Michael Richards
    Bruce: Is it an orange?
    Drew: stop being pedantic.

  8. One of the best comments ever posted, Drew, thank ye!