Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Junk mail round up Vol 2

A very piecemeal round up today, as despite receiving a metric tonne of crap in my letterbox over the last few days, none of it was craptacular enough to warrant blogging.


Definitely not a rip off

Nope, not a rip off at all

FAMILY clogs? Listen, Big W - if you're going to rip off someone else's design for a shitty rubber shoe, at least come up with a good name. What about 'Iguanas'? Or 'Gators'? Or turn it into an Aussie tribute - 'Irwins'? Still, I commend you on the price. That really is as much as anyone should pay for a shoe made in a mould.

POLYRESIN? Fuck yeah.

I wonder if Buddhist countries have shops that sell designer Jesus statues.

BUDDHIST INTERIOR DECORATOR: We're going to give your living room a real Western, Christian feel.

HOMEOWNER: Ooh, lovely! I've always wanted that.

INTERIOR DECORATOR: We'll paint the walls beige, install some fluoro lights and put a big crucifix in the corner.

HOMEOWNER: Is it polyresin?

And lastly:

Aw yay, a free voucher!

For what now?

Addendum: I hereby declare jihad on anyone who pronounces "greasy" as "greazy".


  1. I declare jihads! That's my thing. My thing that I do.


    'Nyway, just wanna wish you safe journeys and everything. Please don't die.

    It's good to get a bit of time away, isn't it? [/Babs from Chicken Run].

  2. doesn't everyone carry those plastic monstrosities now? They remind me of jelly sandals, but much, much worse. Some glitter in the plastic could only improve them.

    And the same for the buddha, now I think about it. Deities love glitter.

  3. Those family clogs are so greazy :)
    I hate those crocs, I hate them with a passion, whenever I see someone wearing a pair i want to go up to that person and vomit on their feet. I don't understand why these clogs are so popular at the moment. I asked a shop worker in a shoe store in the city why people are buying them and he told me that they were really comfy and lots of "service" type workers wear them. Ugggghhhhh.

  4. happy holidays petstarr. where are you going and can we expect a travelogue?

  5. Going to America and yes you can!


  6. And why are Crocs always in such repulsive colours? The black ones are still crap, but why must people draw attention to their hideous footwear by purchasing colours like safety orange and ulcer pink?

    Ooh, hang on. Perhaps you could make Buddha-themed clogs from polyresin...

  7. I love this time of year. Quality junk mail guaranteed untill January.
    Keeps me absorbed for hours.