Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oz Idol wrap up: 4th semi final - "The Year You Were Born"

Three down, 9 to go, and it should be fairly easy to kick at least one more Idolite out after tonight's show, which is cryptically titled "The Year You Were Born".

No, not the year YOU were born, dear reader, that would be silly. Of course they mean the years each of our Idols was born. So they really might as well have made it an 80s night.

Anyway we kick things off with Irish sensation Damien Leith, who tonight bears a striking resemblance to Leisure Suit Larry.

Aye begorrah, to be sure, to be sure

Since Idol's resident style guru Sheridan Tyler showed him the wonders of the black jacket and white shirt combo in the second semi final, Damien just hasn't looked back, wearing it on every possible occasion since then (and possibly to bed as well). If you looked in his Idol wardrobe I'm sure you'd find a series of plastic-wrapped black jackets and white shirts to see him out until the final episode (where he would then don the special black-velvet-with-ebony-sequins number for the Opera House performance). Tonight however, Mr Leith has turned the tables on us in SPECTACULAR fashion - teaming a WHITE jacket with a BLACK shirt. Those Irish! So innovative.

We learn that Damien's birth year was 1976, and the nation holds its collective breath in anticipation of the potential horror that could be a pale, skinny Irishman singing Starland Vocal Band's Afternoon Delight, or Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing. It turns out he's chosen Elton John's Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word, and comes up with a honkier-than-honky white man's funk version of it. It's clear he's struggling to find the funk within as he sings "What do I have to do to make you love me" - don't worry Damien, we're all wondering the same thing. We'll let you know if we work it out. His weird attempt at a few dance moves, which ends up looking like a girly sort of skip across the stage, only succeeds in leaving him a bit breathless. Luckily he's got his marvellous falsetto to save everything - oh wait, no he doesn't. We're all bored with that, I forgot.

Overall the performance is underwhelming. Actually, it's just a bit sad. He's like an over enthusiastic groom who's taken six weeks of vocal lessons so he can sing You are So Beautiful to his bride at the wedding reception, but all people can say is "Aww, he's practised SO HARD for this."

Holden says it was lame, and that he almost got the Goonie Goo-Goo-ometer back in to check Damien's performance. Clearly he has traded in the Idol calculator he's used in previous episodes for better technology. Marcia says she admires Damien for choosing a song so steeped in tradition, and the rest of us wonder what tradition she could possibly be referring to - the opening anthem for the AGM of the Elton John Appreciation Society, perhaps? Then she gives his ego a real boost by saying no matter how he'd arranged the song, the judges would have dogged him for it. Kyle says it "reeked of Kerri Anne Kennerley" and was something he'd expect to see on daytime TV. Damien denies the allegation, while making a mental note to cancel his appearance on 9am with David and Kim next week.

Next we have plastic sensation Ricky Muscat. We start with a video of his mum telling us all about "when Ricky was a baby" over a montage of baby photos, one of which shows a naked little Ricky with a little Ricky dicky in centre shot. THANKS mum. Back in the audience, Amanda Streete takes one look and quietly folds away her "SHOW US YOUR COCK, RICKY!" poster into her studded leather handbag.

Tonight, Ricky has chosen Men At Work's Land Down Under from his birth year of 1983. Fairly appropriate, considering we've all just seen Ricky's land down under. He's taken a page out of Damien's style guide (and therefore ruining it, as it only had one page in it anyway, and that said "BLACK JACKET, WHITE SHIRT") and I really need to say it? A BLACK JACKET AND A WHITE SHIRT, LORD HAVE MERCY UPON US ALL. He's also obviously been taking stage lessons from Mutto, as he seems to have perfected the Bono crouch, but the crazy eyes have made a reappearance. Oh well - you can't have it all. Unfortunately it's all over before he gets to sing the line about "chunder", but we should probably be thankful for that.

Marcia gives an incredibly insightful appraisal of his performance, saying it was kinda strange but great. Holden says it reminded him of the last call at the Upper Widgibulgari. There is silence. A tumbleweed rolls across the stage. Kyle says it was a shocking song choice, it was the lamest song ever, and he hopes he'll never hear it again as long as he lives. Ricky complains about the lack of good songs in 1983. Um, like Billie Jean, Every Breath You Take, Beat It...what about AFRICA for fuck's sake? Can't you just see Ricky doing Toto? Well I can, and it'd be brilliant.

Anyway moving on to desert sensation Jessica Mauboy, who was born in 1989. I know, I know - I'm freaked out too. Just breathe. Again we get to see some baby photos, while her mum explains how she played Jess Roxette and Madonna as a baby - what, no Whitney Houston? That's practically child abuse.

Jess picks the Brandy version of Phil Collins' Another Day in Paradise - clearly this sort of year jumping (ie: cheating) is allowed, as no one calls out "Guards - seize her!". But why would you when she looks so cute? A pearlised gold fitted jacket with blue jeans and a black t shirt - she looks bloody fabulous. Whoever is responsible for getting her out of K Mart's "Girl XPress" section deserves an OAM. But truly, this song sucks. I've never heard the Brandy version but I suspect this song could be the reason no one's heard from her since 1989. Jess also seems to have no idea what she's singing, beaming her way through lines like "She's got blisters on the soles of her feet" like she's ordering an ice cream sundae. I'm so disturbed I am driven to the kitchen to get out my tin of Hello Panda biscuits. I know - I didn't think you could get them in tins either until I saw them at the Chinese supermarket! A big old tin! Anyway.

Holden says she was struggling, although he loves the way she sits right in his pocket. Or the pocket. Or something. Marcia comiserates with her having a scratchy voice - where the HELL are these Idols living? The cold and flu ward of Sydney Royal? Every damn week someone's got a bloody cold. Quarantine them, for god's sake! Kyle says it was just shit. He actually says shit. And nobody bleeps it out. Apart from getting to see Ricky Muscat's wang, this is the most exciting thing that's happened all episode.

Hold onto your hats, it's unique sensation Bobby Flynn, who surprises everyone by having been born in 1981. Am I the only one who thought he was like, 35? Bobby's mum craps on about how when Bobby was a baby, strangers would stop her in the street and comment on how much style he had. Look - we know he's UNIQUE, but let's not take the piss, alright?

He's singing Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure, and he strols out on stage in dapper grey suit pants and a matching waistcoat with a red tie and DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT ON HIS FACE?

Prissy Flynn

Yes - it appears Bobby has gone all glam-rock, channeling Bowie, Sideshow Bob and Darryl Hannah in Bladerunner all at the same time, painting a big grey stripe across his eyes for this performance. We can almost hear Sheridan Tyler gnashing his teeth backstage while a Maybelline makeup artist screams "Where the FUCK is all my charcoal eyeliner?!" For the second week in a row everyone is convinced Bobby is trying to take a dive in the strangest way possible, so that when he finally gets voted off he can say "It's the Australian public man, they just weren't ready for my makeup fetish." I think Bobby does a good job of this song, but to be honest - I'm too distracted by his crazy hair and THAT STRIPE ACROSS HIS FACE.

Holden says he's "so out there" and asks him to come back in because he'l catch the death of cold. Marcia tells Bobby he's "so cool" and then asks him if he'd like to go to the school dance with her. Kyle reveals he's been doing surveys on the street about Bobby, and that people either reckon he's "a full mong" or "one of the biggest stars in the world". Kyle seems to think this split is a good thing.

No one mentions the crazy makeup.

Then it's on to shuffling sensation, Lisa Mitchell. She was born in 1990 (I KNOW - be calm, think of a happy place). Her parents reveal that she was "quite good at hand actions" when she was little. Obviously she never mastered any others, as once again she's back on stage, shuffling about. If they attached a few Chux to her shoes they'd get that stage gleaming in no time.

She's used some crazy Idol loophole to sing Steve Miller Band's The Joker. We all know it will be a perfect choice for her ooky, kooky voice and lack of stage presence, and will be a perfect one for her to shuffle through. Dressed in what looks like the kind of outfit you wear to paint your house, she slumps on the edge of the stage so no one can criticise her for not dancing. "Some call me the gangster of love" she warbles. Yeah, well some people call you FUCKING BORING, LISA. Not me though. I call you REALLY fucking boring. "I'm a midnight toker" she sings. Sure you are, Lisa. Although that WOULD explain the outfit. And the lack of movement.

Marcia says it's great to see her on stage looking comfortable. Hello? The only way she could get more comfortable would be if they dragged a recliner out there for her to slouch into. Holden says she took a bizarre song choice and turned it into a lot of fun. I must have missed the fun bit. Kyle says it was brilliant and cute, but the only thing he would suggest is ditching the $1.40 ballet slippers she wears every week. The only thing I would suggest is stuffing a rolled up sock into her mouth and sealing it with duct tape. Different strokes, I guess. We wind up the segment with a lovely shot of Lisa's cankles. Who knew she had cankles? I am strangely satisfied.

On to Sith Ifrican sinsation Dean Geyer, who was born in 1986. His mum says his most striking feature as a child was his "bug blue arse". Oh wait - "eyes". Not quite as interesting, really.

He's singing Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, and he loses everyone on the first line. He's up there singing "Shot to the HEART and you're to BLAME" and everyone is yawning and looking at their watches. Even his failsafe stare-into-the-camera-and-make-everyone-drool manoeuvre isn't working anymore - perhaps he'd better think about showing us his big blue arse instead. We REALLY want him to get down on his knees in a full rock slide, but instead he busts out some very average air guitar with the actual guitarist, who is way more animated than he is. He finishes the song with not a hair out of place. Very UN rock.

Holden says he wants to see less "gorgeous angelic pure Dean", and more "down and dirty diabolical Dean". Funny, I think I HAVE seen that...somewhere on the internet... Anyway Marcia finally removes all doubt that she has lost her mind by announcing she doesn't know who Holden is. Then she asks what more anyone could want from Dean's performance. Just because it's a rhetorical question doesn't stop thousands of people yelling "ENTERTAINMENT!" at their TVs. Kyle sticks his groin in Marcia's face and tells Dean the virgin to go and have sex before singing a song like that again, because he needs to do more grinding. He tells him he should have been giving the audience lapdances. Gays around the nation log on to and start booking tickets to Sydney to be in the studio audience.

Next up we have bald sensation Mutto, another 1976ite. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when he and fellow 1976-er Damien Leith were deciding on their songs:

DAMIEN: I'M doing Elton John, OK? Shotgun, I said it first, I barsed it, it's MINE.
MUTTO: Um, ok.

Instead he pulls out a bit of Aerosmith's Dream On. And before we go any further here, can I say Mutto, PLEASE stop writing your shopping list on the back of your hand every week. We're not interested that you've run out of toilet paper back at the Idol ranch. The song sounds ok, but it's a very restrained performance, apart from his weird hip hop dance to the chorus - dude, we know Eminem did it, but that doesn't make you MC Mutto. He finally sinks the song with a failed high note at the end.

Holden says it's great to see him using the audience like the CHEAP WHORES THEY ARE. Great job. Marcia says it's good to see him working the room like a CHEAP WHORE. Great job. Kyle says it was an excellent song choice but he looks like a creepy old dude with 15-year-old hair. He describes Mutto's "hair art" as a perfect example of an old guy desperately trying to hang onto his youth. Kyle is such an expert in the field that everyone stops arguing.

And then it's Williams family sensation mark 2, Lavina Williams, born in 1979. Her mum reveals that she had always hoped Lavina would grow up to be an air hostess. It's nice to have goals.

Clearly Lavina has been raiding Reigan Derry's leftover wardrobe again, as she's wearing another disco milkmaid outfit. This time it's a camel number with a blakc satin ribbon lace up front. There's so much cleavage on show we're in serious danger of losing the judges and half the front row down her top, but fortunately she launches into the Bee Gees' Too Much Heaven and we can all relax. As always, she's fabulous. "You and me boy got a highway to the sky" she sings, pointing at her boyfriend sitting in the audience in his plastic Adidas tracksuit. "A highway? Awesome, I just put new suspension on the Skyline, sick!"

Holden says she was spectacularly good, and admits that at times during her performance he felt like Diana Ross. Then he screams "You took me so cloooooose!!!!" before moaning and falling off his chair. Silence. Tumbleweed. Marcia says she is beyond beautiful. She says Lavina is OK looking too. Kyle says sure she can sing, but her tatts are ugly. No one gives a shit what he thinks. Lavina for President.

And finally, we wrap up the evening (thank god) with Aussie bogan sensation, Chris Murphy, with a 1976 Eagles hit, Life in the Fast Lane. He jogs on stage like Jack Black in a black cowboy shirt with white stitching and black pants. He looks like a stagehand in one of those amateur theatre troupes that tours schools doing moralistic plays about smoking and bullying.

It's a perfect song choice for him, and he's clearly excited about - dashing about the stage and pulling faces. He's like an ADD kid who's forgotten to take his Ritalin, running over to the band, forgetting what he's there for, pretend kicking the drummer and running back on stage screaming "OWWWWWWWW!". Then he finishes by running almost completely off stage and jumping. Then he thanks the band and is censored by an inordinately long bleep noise, which I hope means that he said something like "I'D LIKE TO THANK THE MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS IN THIS SHIT HOT C*NT OF A BAND, YEAH!" It's all so very rock.

Holden says he's a talented bastard. He says Chris is pretty talented too. (YES! Same joke twice in one entry! Snaps to me!) Marcia says it was one of the most exciting performances she's seen in that room. She neglects to mention what sort of performances she's seen in OTHER rooms. Kyle says he's consistently great but he needs to remove the "Jane Fonda elements" from his performance. So what - no more legwarmers and headbands? But they stop his ankles getting cold, you bastard!

I'm guessing it could be the Irishman's time to say "cheerio".


  1. Fabulous as always! I have to say, Damien was a bit boring ~ Lisa needs to just PISS OFF, and Mutto should join her.

    Why the hell is everyone so into Lisa? She's boring as batshit, she still can't dance/move (I was giggling at your Chux/Cankles references too, gosh, they were terrible, and she's what? A size 2?) AND they totally cheated.

    Psh. Doing a cover of a song, just because it came out in their year. CHEATERS.

  2. I snuck my first sneaky peek of the season last night. My god, that bogan fairly ROCKS! He's got all the humour and personality (and voice) that other bogan singers lack (Shannon Noll take particular note). Agreed - Lavina is pretty damn good. Dean does nothing for me.

    Is there something wrong with me?

  3. 12-year-old virgin boys don't do much for me either, Susanna.

    I know Lavina has a fabulous voice, but she really, really annoys me. Not as much as Lisa annoys me with her smug little cat face, of course, but Lavina reminds me a shim doll that someone accidentally over-inflated.

  4. Oh, look. The bullying psychotic internet fuckwits have reacted badly to your email. Someone sent us a mildly critical letter? Quick! Publish their name, address and employer on the internet! Because we can! And because we're still anonymous ourselves!

    Caroline Hammond and James Riley. What a pair of vicious cunts.

  5. Thanks for that Anonymous, I've just read their write up of my letter. Quite surprised actually, as I thought I had been quite polite, but anyway. Unfortunately you posting on here as 'anonymous' has only fuelled their fire though, as they clearly think that comment was from me. I don't want to get into some blog war - the idea is bizarre. I'm not quite sure why they feel they want to DESTROY me in public as opposed to just emailing me back to tell me I'm wrong in my allegations, but there you have it.

  6. I sincerely hope you're not going to get upset by what the 'playa hatas' over at TSSH say. I seem to recall Caz getting quite upset some time ago over the fact that someone had gotten hold of her personal details and was making threats or some such against her. It's a shame that this experience has done little to urge her to respect other people's personal details.

    Besides, the way they all pat each other on the back in congratulations of their supposed biting 'wit' is fairly hilarious. Wildes they ain't, that's for sure.

    Popular they may be, but that doesn't change the fact they are yet to tell the difference between being clever and being cunts.

  7. Hear, hear audrey! Chin up, petstarr. I've said it before and I'll say it again, What's wrong with people?!

  8. I just read the SSH idol wrap up.. man, what a loser whoever wrote it is.. describing the show while having a fit of tourette's is not my idea of humour.. your wrap ups are far more entertaining.. they have nothin on ya. I dont mean to sound like an arse kisser.. i just like to give credit where it's due.

  9. What appalling manners they have at TSSH. I have attempted to read their Idol recap but 'meh' it's a bit of a tired old style of humour and comes across as quite aggressive and mean spirited when considered in conjunction with the attack on PetStarr, whose email by the way, was very polite. I had considered doing Idol wrap ups, but gave up in disgust when I saw how hilarious they were at Bland Canyon and so I simply direct traffic here instead!

  10. I thought it was a polite and considerate letter.

    I'm usually quite a fan of TSSH, but this was a bit much.

    And just for the record, I think Oz Idol is already in the bag for one nice young lady. If she doesn't win, she'll just do a Callea on deir ass.
    That's why I don't bother watching.

  11. I still love your writing, Petstarr. Do not stop writing these, please!


  12. vbxomhHey, I agree with Anon and Zzymurgy. And to quote the lovely and ever-accurate Audrey, these people are indeed cunts. What the hell's wrong with TSSH-ers? They can't cope with any crticism? It was done in a private forum and they chose to make it public and invite comments from their lapdogs? Come on. From all their own comments, it sounds to me like they doth protest a little too damned much.

    And who the hell flames someone like that? You attack someone on the basis of where they live, their profession and their MOTHER? What's the matter with you people? That sounds like a threat that warrants a call to the police, if you ask me.

    And by the way, if any of you shitheads had ever been a journalist, you would know that suburban journos work damned hard. What are you, fucking elitists, that you think the only media worth reading is owned by Rupert Murdoch? Please.

    I would, of course, post this at TSSH if I were allowed to. But the "good people" at TSSH are against freedom of speech and only allow those who are approved to comment. Why bother? Especially when they're reading here? >:)

    So, TSSH, from The Priestess to all of you, fuck you. Twice. With a large and thorny stick. I know whose damned Idol wrap-ups I'd rather read.

  13. To be honest, Petstarr, you made a mistake in assuming it was possible to have a respectful dialogue with those infantile pricks. They are pretty (in)famous for their orgiastic (and, as Audrey says, self-congratulatory) vitriolic viciousness.

    Better not to involve yourself with them at all. They are not capable of any kind of debate or reason; they will resort every time to childish personal attacks.

    Just do what you do - because your work here is great. You are one of the more highly-evolved breed - those who realise that being funny and being a cunt are not the same thing.

  14. Well to be honest (not that those self aggrandizing pricks would believe me) I had never even heard of TSSH before someone sent me a link to their Idol wrap ups. Unfortunately I had no idea they had a "reputation" for being wankers. Silly me, should have read their pissy FAQ whoops LOLz11 mang11!!1

  15. I actually think your Idol recaps are as good or better than any of theirs... BUT if you were going to tell them they were ripping you off you should have looked into it enough to work out they were doing the live recaps way before you. Also, I don't see any real similarities between yours and theirs that aren't easily explained as coincidences.

    I can see their point that you called them plagiarists. Were it me, I'd have printed your email and bagged you out but not given any identifying details.

  16. I read your site and I also read TSSH. I like both. But they're being babies about your letter, as they are prone to do every now and again. You'd think they could take it as well as give it, but there you go.

  17. How about a bit of perspective! You did accuse them of plagiarism. Sure, you did it in a nice passive aggresive manner but you still did it.

    Daily Mirror, go ahead and post your thoughts on TSSH. There is no comment moderation over there, unlike here.

  18. Hi Petstarr,

    I thought I might just offer some thoughts on the topic. My name's TJ and I've been around the blogging scene for a long time now. Howdy.

    I also recently did an Idol guest post for The Spin Starts Here (one of the accused ones), and am therefore relevant to the discussion at hand.

    My you've stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest! I don't know if you're new to blogging or what, but there are certain things that people take very seriously. One of these is accusations of plagiarism. And THAT is precisely what your email, albeit politely phrased, did.

    To a writer, even a casual one, it is a truly insulting thing to say, insinuate, or even hint at. It's vile. Seriously. That is why The Spin people have reacted the way they have. It was only to be expected, and I fully understand their reasons. I'm feeling somewhat indignant about it myself.

    That said, I think the main problem here is that you jumped to a conclusion (one that you didn't mean to have made public, either). When all the facts are in play, it is highly apparent that Caz and the rest of us Idol recappers did not rip off your ideas, formats etc. There is just no way. The evidence is all there.

    I truly don't think you intended to offer an insult at the level at which it has been received, but Newton didn't lie when he talked about actions and reactions.

    Both sides have their loyal followers, and just like most stupid blogwars, this one will blow over all too soon. However, as you stated that you were 'quite surprised', I just thought I would clear the air on precisely WHY you received the reactions you did, so you don't make similar mistakes in the future.

    Good luck with it all. You've got some good writing here.

  19. Thanks Teej, I appreciate your comments. It's the first measured, balanced response I've had from anyone involved with TSSH.

    I will admit that my email to you guys was sent in haste and I should have checked more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. I admit that my assumption that TSSH borrowed ideas from me was wrong. However as you point out, my email was never intended to be made public - I never intended to drag anyone's name through the mud. Had that been my intention I could have written it all publicly in a blog post without checking with anyone. TSSH were the ones who decided to make all of this public by posting my email on their blog and allowing their commenters to wage war on me by posting personal details about my family and where I live and work. How they can defend any of this is beyond me.

    I realise it's fairly easy to find out who I am by doing a quick Google search - I have never really tried to hide my identity (I have my photo up here after all!) because I don't have a problem with anything I write here or anywhere else being attributed to me personally. This is more than I can say for anyone at TSSH who seem to enjoy slagging people off in anonymity. However I believe there is a difference between being able to find out who I am and actually doing it, and then posting it with malicious suggestions about egging my house and hiring a hitman etc. (both of which can be found in the comments about me on TSSH). To say that I deserve any of the vitriole currently being fuelled on TSSH simply because that information about me is publicly available is simply unfair.

    I haven't responded to either of the emails I have received from Caz, and why would I after all of this? If TSSH claims that they reserve the right to publish and ridicule any correspondence they receive, then I see no reason to continue to correspond with them.

    I hope that my opinions on this can be received and noted with the same level of respect I have given you here at the BC, Teej, and that this spiteful blog war will soon, as you say, blow over.


  20. Hey Petra, every cloud has a silver lining.

    I read TSSH stuff, and came to check out your blog because a couple of posters said you looked hott!!

    Gotta say, they weren't wrong.

  21. Posted before but forgot to add...

    Whatever I might think of your email to Caz (and, for the record, that is that it was seriously dumb and actually pretty rude and egotistical... but hey), don't be soured on doing recaps beacuse they are excellent and I'll miss them if you stop.

    Forgive anon posting, but I fear any involvement in blog warring.

  22. Hey, I have been reading this site for a while now, and I even link to you. What a good boy am I.

    Now, you made a mistake, that's a given, and you admit that. Great! But the cliquey "let's all have a go at her because if I don't TSSH might not like me!" comments are bullshit. It's like schoolyard bullying in a way. Most people posting are too scared to post what they really think, so it's "let's all have a go at Petra!!1!!" so they don't get bullied themselves.

    On the upside you would have a lot of new readers! Keep up the good blogging.

  23. Hmm... I emailed you PetStarr on the address supplied by those TSSH tools, and I don't think it worked. Probably just my stupid account.

    Let me just say to the world that it's a fairly poor indictment on TSSH that they did, in fact, decide to engage in a futuristic blog war.

    Good to see that you've responded to them intelligently, even if it isn't reciprocated.

    Great post, by the way.

  24. Do people type this "!!!1!!11!" these days because they are in a hurry or because they wanna be 1337? Just wondering...

  25. Wanna know what I think? The people at Bland Canyon AND TSSH are all a pack of cunts and weeping sores and you've all plagiarised me. Ooops, now I've gone and done it - looks like I've just upped my daily traffic from 10 to 12. Why can't I ever just keep my mouth shut? *Note to fascists: this was a joke post written with a certified funny keyboard under the provisions of the Humorous Asides and Witty One Liners (jokes) Act 1976.

  26. Truthfully.
    You could possibly take the slant that "serious snark" and winding people up is what TSSH is really good at. I mean REALLY good at.

    And it just gets more comments and more interest.

    Its a pretty basic format to the site and anybody who has been "attacked" by TSSH (Like Samuel Gordon Stewart or Steph from Much Ado about sumthin') who has really not cared have been OK. Its F***wits like Nigel Gohl and Imelda who have constantly come back for more.

    Petra has recognised that she may have not looked into it too much before sending the email but anybody who has read TSSH knows comment at your own mercy. No one is safe.

    TSSH is a site which has amused me for over two years and yes it can be nasty but PLEASE lets not get all high school over this. It is JUST a web site. And I think its damn funny.

    It is INTENDED to be nasty. the focus IS snark. Anybody willing to give a good fight will have a great debate. Reality is - it is a blip until the next good story.

    To set my record straight,
    I have read BC for a few months now and really did not see that much similarity with TSSH except that some people like KKK were obvious targets. Anybody with an evil sense of humour could have come up with any of them.

    BC is good and congrats Petra, but TSSH rocks. LOLZ!!1!!!!!! MANG!

  27. Teej Mahal seems to have glossed over one screaming point: Bringing someone's workplace, personal details as well as their mother is not justified by a misguided suggestion of plagiarism.

    Teej, get off your god damned high horse.

    "Caz" and James have behaved with the knee-jerking, overreactive conniptions of a brain damaged child.

    Their "disclaimer" about publishing emails is nothing more than a thinly veiled insurance policy against the criticism of others. Their insistence on requiring registration for people to comment, as well as an undoubtedly -selective- moderation process, ensure that their malignant arguments and propoganda against those who dare to question them will prevail.

    Stupid Nazi fucks! Their insistence on getting 'personal'suggests that both are puling, stinking cunts who don't have anything better to do than childishly rip the shit out of people at the slightest provocation.... or in this case, what they VIEWED as provocation.

    if they wanted to shoot Petstarr's misguided 'allegations' down in flames, they were entitled to. What the FUCK does her workplace and mother have to do with anything?

    Piss-sucking little maggots.

    it wasn't petstarr's letter which fell into the category of "HATE mail". It was their desperate and vicious responses. You could possible throw this one in there but I cannot be arsed "registering" in order to be granted the privilege of commenting at the site, when my comments will probably be vetoed and then I'd expect that Caz or James or one of these psycho-Nazi lunatics would find out where I live and hang shit on me for something COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE ARGUMENT.

    Why have they not commented here? There's no registration required! Hmmm.... curious.

    if there is one thing that pisses me off, it is stupid cunts like this who refuse to enter into rational discussion online, instead resorting to infantile and personal attacks in order to bludgeon their opponents out of the argument.

    Teej, perhaps if your friends had displayed the same rational (if not pompous) predisposition for a conversation rather than brandishing a personal vendetta and starting a fucking war, all of this could have been sorted out by now.

    .... and why am i posting anonymously? Because these NAZI CUNTS have already demonstrated that they like to play dirty. They can't be trusted to respond in the same manner in which they were spoken to. They have to take it one step further, like the slimy, filthy pus-sucking psychopaths they are. See, I'm just name-calling. I'm not RESEARCHING THEM AND LOOKING FOR WHERE THEIR GOD DAMNED MOTHERS WORK, TEEJ, YOU IGNORANT FUCKHEAD.

    Great friends you have, Teej. GREAT! Get into an argument with them, and they use your personal life against you. Great! Great friends! You must be a real awesome dude to have made friends like this.

    Anyway, gotta go. Some kids dropped some junk mail at the house, so I have to run after them with some gasoline and set them on fire, those fucking brats.

  28. Anon - 11.18.
    Maybe it would be better to get your facts right before posting an obscenity-filled tirade.
    - TSSH does not moderate comments and the password feature is only there to stop spamming.
    - The comments re: Petstarr's address, workplace etc were made by other posters, not Caz and the Hack. I don't think they were necessary either, BUT she did have her personal details freely availble on the internet, there was no hacking or any other illegal details needed to find them.
    - If Petstarr wanted to engage in a rational debate why did she send a ridiculous letter accusing TSSH of plagiarising their material, while also talking herself up to be the next Oscar Wilde, but not actually bother replying to Caz's emails or apologising.

    This whole thing is hardly a blog war. Get over yourselves.

  29. Anonymous dude above me, they have tried to comment, Petra has coment moderation on here and all comments have to be approved by the blog author. For you to be reading this, she has to physically allow it on here. That's why you see no comments from them on here.

  30. Whoa whoa WHOA! Anonymous? I'M an ignorant fuckhead!? The hell?

    Just for the record, I'm not going to get in a bitchfight with you in Petstarr's comment section. That's just rude.

    However, what I will say is this: I respect anyone's right to run their own site the way they wish.

    I don't tell Caz and The Hack how they should do things, and they extend me the same courtesy. They have close to 2000 subscribed readers, and are sure as hell not responsible for everthing that is said in their comments section. That is not the way that site is designed. Registration is to prevent spammers, not for moderating comments. It is a moderation free zone, hence why so may people like it.

    If I don't agree with certain behaviour, fine - I don't engage in it. For the record I'm not a fan of google witch-hunts at all. But, I will NOT tell someone else how they should run their site or their lives.

    I find it interesting that you state that you 'hate stupid cunts who refuse to enter into rational discussion online'. I believe that my post above was a rather GOOD EXAMPLE of entering into a 'rational discussion'. Rather than sitting back and kvetching in comment boxes, I actually took the step of opening lines of communications in an attempt to provide some extra information.

    And you have a go at ME? Why? Because attacking me is the coward's way of having a go at Caz and the Hack? Silliness. I have done all of ONE GUEST POST for them. I don't speak on their behalf. AT ALL.

    Please extend me the same courtesy that Petstarr has here.

    If you wish to discuss this further, you can email me on teejmahal(@) Your correspondence will not be shared with anyone.

    (Petstarr - sorry to have kidnapped your comments box like this.)

  31. Hey Teej just had to draw you out on something in your latest comment:

    "They have close to 2000 subscribed readers, and are sure as hell not responsible for everthing that is said in their comments section. That is not the way that site is designed. Registration is to prevent spammers, not for moderating comments. It is a moderation free zone, hence why so may people like it."

    Firstly - the TSSH owners ARE responsible for everything said in their comments section, and can certainly be liable for any legal issues arising from things other people say on their site. It's the same across all media, including newspapers - you might just be quoting someone in an article, but if that quote is defamatory it's your arse on the line for having published it, not the speaker's. Same goes for blogs.

    Secondly - all this talk about free speech and the noble lack of moderation over at TSSH is not actually true. Caz admitted publicly, in this Sydney Morning Herald article that she DOES moderate comments in order to avoid any nasty legal issues. Clearly TSSH is not a "moderation free zone" as you claim it is, and why should it be? Every blogger has to be mindful of the fact that they can be sued for whatever might appear in their comments pages, and moderating comments is the only way to protect against that. You might also notice that any comments left on that SMH page are also moderated - smart move, don't you think? So to everyone attacking me for moderating comments - just think about that. (I might as well also point out that my moderation is not simply to exclude negative comments, as I've quite obviously let some of those through lately. It's more that I don't care to publish comments like "U R a fuckwit chek ur facts 1st bitch" on my own blog. There's pages of TSSH devoted to that already.)

    I could go all TSSH style here and rant and scream about "checking your facts before you blah blah blah" but I'll simply leave it at this comment, Teej.

  32. I'm well aware of the issues surrounding blog legalities, Petstarr.

    I'm also well aware of the actions that Caz takes to prevent anyone stepping over the line on a LEGAL basis, not a simple FREE OPINION one. If there is a LEGAL BREACH, then they will take steps. The fact that they have not done so suggests that there wasn't a legal breach in their eyes (whether you agree with the tactics used or not - as I have stated, I personally don't and therefore don't use them. See above statement re. telling other people how to run their own sites).

    If you feel that TSSH has affronted your legal rights by defamation or invasion of privacy, then by all means go ahead and try and sue them. I'm sure they'd welcome it. You wouldn't be the first person to do so.

    However, I will reiterate that I am not the person to talk to on the subject (as your anonymous supporter seems to think).

    This is something you might want to, oh I don't know, discuss with the people who actually did it? Or who own the site in question?

    I spoke up on my own behalf only, and I believe I have acted civilly here. I CERTAINLY don't appreciate your condoning attacks on me either, which, by letting anonymous's comment through, you have done.

    Brings us back to the whole 'does the site owner allowing a comment to be posted automatically mean that they share the same views' question, doesn't it?

    As far as I'm concerned, this whole thing is yesterday's news. I will extend you the same courtesy that I've given your cowardly defender above to take this offline if you wish to discuss it privately.


  33. Well played, Petstarr. Well played.

    And with that water-tight defence, can we please leave this circular argument to sink to the bottom of the murky depths from whence it came?

    SSH - everyone gets it. You're annoyed. Deal with it. Petstarr has been savaged far more than she deserved for this. Seems to me the grown up thing to do would have been to email her back in private and savage her that way. Honestly, MUST you run to your horde of Crabbes and Goyles at every opportunity?

    Crabbes and Goyles of SSH - The email wasn't sent to you. Anything more than an acknowledgement that it was wrong is unneccessarily cuntish. Must you run in packs to feel superior?

    Supporters of Petstarr - Don't swear at the SSH people. It's like a cattle prod to them and before you know it their agitated and crapping on each other's heads.

    RE comment moderation - As I recall, it hasn't always been enabled on this site. But like Petstarr says, perhaps she just doesn't care to publish comments that repetitively label her a 'dumb fucking bitch' behind the cyber shield of 'Anonymous'.

    As for SSH having 2000 subscribers - big fucking woo hoo. That just means there's 1500 wankers out there that enjoy the mutual appreciation society that is SSH, and 500 people who only like to read Atari's admittedly excellent Neighbours recaps. For a site as big as SSH is supposed to be, 2000 sounds pretty small. And before you rain down a series of predictable and repetitive comments about how only myself and My Mum and Dad read my stuff, it's probably best to save the energy by remembering that I find that shit hilarious and therefore not hurtful.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is, grow up the bleedin' lot of you.

  34. Blandcanyon is like happy sunshine. Good for what ails you.

    TSSH is like poison. Nasty business. Cut it out of your life as soon as poss.

  35. Just wanted to say that I'm a regular TSSH reader, but only for the neighbours recaps. Their site is so hate-filled, it makes you wonder what's missing from their lives.

    Petstarr, love your Idol recaps- start some for neighbours and I'll never have to go to TSSH again!

  36. Aside from the fact that the Idol recaps here crap all over anything written at TSSH, that website is nothing but a try hard, poor imitation of Maddox's site:
    which he has been running since at least 1997.

    From TSSH's obsession with hate mail, using Paint illustrations, the anti-blog posts, you name it they have Maddox's style copied pretty much down to a tee.

    The difference is, Maddox is hilarious (and original).

  37. And in response to "eat my shorts" over at TSSH who is complaining that I haven't addressed her accusation that I am a liar for claiming to be 25 when I was born in the year of the monkey - are you completely retarded? It is October. There's a whole two months left to go before 2006 is over, you moron. Is it PERHAPS possible that my birthday falls in one of those months, thereby making me still 25? Do you THINK? MAYBE? Oh LOOK, it also says in my profile that I'm a LIBRA...that would make my birthday in OCTOBER. Which is..well how'd you like that? It's right now! Oh look at that, it was my birthday on the weekend! And yes, I had a great time. And look at that, I'm 26 now! Bloody idiot.

  38. Most people posting are too scared to post what they really think, so it's "let's all have a go at Petra!!1!!" so they don't get bullied themselves.

    You're awfully good at reading other peoples minds, aren't you?