Monday, October 23, 2006

Oz Idol wrap up - hang in there kiddies!

Don't worry, it's coming... Check back later this arvo, orright? I promise I haven't forgotten.


  1. good. i will be interested to hear your take on that very odd slip up/outing/bad homophobic joke exchange between our hosts that i (OF COURSE!) didn't quite catch, somewhere towards the end of the show. all i saw was ken doll adjust his earpiece, no doubt because a producer had screamed 'shut up!' through it, and blush for the rest of the show.

    i always miss the good bits!!

  2. (This is with reference to the swing thing you all wrote about little while ago.)

    Why don't people just calm the frig down about lisa mitchell! I mean for the love of god!

    Some of you people have so much hate.
    i just stumbled across this site looking for something else, and was intrigued!I was just reading some of the things you people are saying and its just so harsh! (This is directed at the harsh people, you know who you) Do you have any thing positive to say about anyone ever??
    Being critical is one thing but obsessive loathing is another. i could understand maybe if you were related to someone competing and wanted to promote them but to take to the extent you have is just out there. Most of you seem to be quite well educated with an extensive vocabulary so what happened to the amicability and intellectuality people? huh? Personally i feel that you should all focus this energy into something else. I didn't see her sing the Veronicas' song but I did see her sing a version of ben Harper's song "Diamonds on the inside". Now i wasn't a huge fan of Ben Harper or her, but that song was done really well, i mean compared to everyone else in the comp at the time she was the best at that stage and i think people should give her a brake How would you feel having to sing in front of most of Australia and then have people say all these horrible things (that you're writting) about you? So she sang a song that wasn't (for lack of a better word) pleasing i am sorry but someone had to step in and tell people to chill.
    P.s. for those of you who think I'm a pussy you vcan stick it. but please instead of just shrugging it off how about you thing about what it would be like if people were saying those exact same things about you. I'm not trying to piss people off or hurt anyone. You can say whatever you like about me but that would be lame kinda sad! I'm just trying to get you people to Think!

  3. Well said Dragon Lives.!!!!!!