Monday, January 08, 2007

Dizzy Dustin: your days are numbered

Another first week in January rolls by, another member of Californian hip hop band Ugly Duckling gets assaulted by Petstarr...

Yes, dear reader, I went to Electric Light to see Yooooo-Deeeee! on the weekend and, true to form, I drunkenly attacked MC Andy C after the show.

Regular readers will know I also jumped on their DJ Young Einstein on January 1 last year, after his set at Shores on a New Year's Day.

Clearly Andy C saw straight through my attempts to appear sober, as this is the autograph I got from him - lovingly made out on the back of a bar receipt from the Duke of York.

I might be too cheap to buy a T Shirt, but I did spend $22.10 on drinks.

All this means is there's one member of Ugly Duckling out there yet to experience the hurricane of fun that is Drunken Petstarr. Dizzy Dustin: your days are numbered.

Don't look so tough, son - you're next.

In celebration of Ugly Duckling being so frickin awesome, I have added a couple of their songs to the BC jukebox over there on the left. You do realise there's a jukebox, don't you? You can listen to music while you read this crap. Try it, it's cool.


  1. it only costs you 22 bucks to get loaded? good lord


  2. Hmph. I would have been highly offended by that. "Alki" indeed! I thought you were reasonably sober when you left us...

  3. Nope - $22 to buy myself a few cheap ass glasses of wine and my boyfriend a beer, and obliging friends to get me loaded on THEIR dollar. Not to mention the several glasses I consumed at Electric Light.

    Cadbury I am not.

  4. Choices---buy a T shirt that you can 1. lose on the way home 2. mop vomit from the porcelain 3. add to bottom drawer, never to be seen again, collection or purchase another glass of cheap ass wine-----no contest.
    Darwin only had Tracey---we have the Petstar and she blows in every year

  5. Dunno who they are, but by Christ they's an ugly bunch!

  6. I'm kinda scared wot PETSTARR will do NEXT year.. *gulp*