Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lily Allen + The Streets = Lily Skinner

Read this today about current Br(it)pop girl Lily Allen apparently having a 24 hour shag-a-thon with The Streets' Mike Skinner in Japan, and it ocurred to me:

Riding round the city on my bike all day cos BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS, BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS.


Not convinced? Have a dodgy Photoshop:

At first when I see you cry, it makes me DON'T MUG YOURSELF, THAT'S ALL, DON'T MUG YOURSELF.

Of course if that's true it means Lily's 24 hours in Japan might ACTUALLY have been a bit more ... individually explorative.

Something to think about, anyway.


  1. That's very intersting. Actually, I don't know if any research or anything's been done on it, but I've had a theory based on pure observation alone, that women tend to choose partners that sort of look like themselves. Call me mad, but its just what I've noticed. This would of course reinforce my theory.. unless they were in fact the same person!

  2. HEHEHEHEHEHE. Petstarr why is Lily's beard yellow? Anonymous, I think you're confusing your theory with the theory that owners buy breeds of dogs which most resemble their own characteristics.

  3. She's a man?

    I knew this would happen, and it has. I am offically gay.

  4. Raoul - Lily Skinner's beard is yellow because my computer monitor is so burnt out that it looked brown to me when I did it. Bugger.

  5. I saw Mike Skinner and his black mate from The Streets have a play wrestle on stage at an Adelaide Big Day Out.
    And we all know that the WWE is a big homo-erotic plaything in the guise of sports entertainment.
    So maybe he was showing his transvestite tendencaies then???
    Either way I like the music of both artists.

  6. hahaha! that's it - the adorable brown cow eyes, the petulant little mouth. i've always wondered why they're so musically similar. it's because she IS him.

  7. i read an interestin article about the big day out in the messenger the other day...

  8. Imagine what their babie will look like? Can you show us dear Petstarr with your amazing photoshop skilz?

  9. Hey there, WebMistress PetStarr. Not feeling the love from this part of the blogosphere. (I guess that’s the trouble with wiggas!) Still no answer to my last comment...

  10. BTW, despite the coldness of your shoulder, I still linked you in an Ausculture comment — it’s a groovy Photoshop!

  11. I knew I'd seen her somewhere before!