Tuesday, March 06, 2007

'You'll Love Coles' National Moment of Zen: Foil

The pack tells me I'll LOVE Coles foil. So does Jonathon.

'Quality Strength' - they clearly left off the word 'poor'.

"Super foil that won't tear in the oven!" exclaims Jonathon excitedly, putting the super finishing touches on his super healthy baked potato.

Jonathon's right - it really doesn't tear in the oven. IT TEARS IN THE GOD DAMN PACKET.


Apparently Jonathon loves life and great food. He clearly also loves shitty cheap-arse foil that rips itself to shreds on the roll, as he's decided to use his own gummy mug to endorse Coles Shite-Foil TM.

Apologies for the lack of zen.


  1. This is SO true! I get that same shit brand and it's done that to me before. It's shouldn't tear so easily, it's made of metal, battleships are made of metal.

  2. i guess we should probably stick to baking our potatoes in battleships... sense making really. will clear out (and knock down the walls between) the garage, laundry, family room, kitchen, bathroom and spare bedroom so i have somewhere to keep it when it's not in my oven.

  3. Ma ha ha! Herbal grinders! You've been spammed by stoners, Pet.

  4. I dont know where you find these amazing finds!!

    You should be in 'research!'

  5. Just wait 'til you try the You'll Love Coles BBQ coals, I have never come across anything less flammable in my life.