Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Australia's Next Top AWESOME WEBSITE

Just cruising the ANTM website watching videos of the remaining contestants (you know, I have a feeling that some of them really aren't as annoying as they seem on the show...) and discovered the greatest section ever that all of you must visit now: DAWSON'S CRITEEK.

Yes, I know it's a bad play on Dawson's Creek but persevere, because this part of the website is pure gold. Basically, model hopefuls can send in their best photos and Dawson CRITEEKS them with such helpful phrases as "Oh dear - this look says promo girl, Miss Indy and bikini comp" and "Can we see something slightly less gummy in the grin department?", gives them a rating out of 10, and then puts it all on the web for all to see.

IT IS BRILLIANT, and I want everyone to submit their own photo today. I'm going to send in this one:

Too commercial. 2/10

I might as well also point out that ALL the judging photos of the girls are available for viewing in the site's download section, which is fab considering they hardly even bother showing them on the show itself. Seriously, what are they thinking? The photos are the best bit of the show, and often we don't get more than a two second flash. Anyway - go look. It's fun. The one of Sophie from the last Ford shoot is particularly awful.


  1. You're in like flin... What's flin? Fuck it.

    You're a shoe in. Pretty hair.

  2. Ooh, the links don't work on this page, and neither does your pretty hair photo :0(

    I bet they worked a year and a half ago! (Guess I'm a little late).