Friday, May 04, 2007

ANTM's Jordan - Australia's answer to Tara Reid

Seems Australia's Next Top Model's very own Squinty Squinterson, Jordan, had a bit of a Tara Reid moment at a party for Perez Hilton in Sydney recently.

See all the damage here (NSFW)

Clearly the most embarrassing part of these photos are those HORRENDOUS shoes, however I think it would be appropriate if from now on, Jordan changed her catchphrase "Game on, moll" to "Dress off, moll".


  1. How did she not notice that (a) she was wearing a black plastic garbage bag, a bellhop hat and Chucks and (b) one of her norks had made a break for freedom? I don't get it - wasn't it a little breezy?

  2. Yes, what's with the garbage bag? and that expression on her face?


    (I think there's probably some chemical reason for her not noticing the escaping flesh.)

  3. Redcap - you'd think you'd notice, wouldn't you. But don't you remember this???

    Jeremy - Yep, too much hair product can really get to a girl after a while... :)

  4. Does this mean that Jordan's one of the select few finalists, or are all the next top model girls strutting their purple sneakers at fashion week?

  5. Those sneakers were just appalling.

  6. No, I hadn't seen that one before. But she looks like she's in the same place as The Hoff in his latest film outing. Well, minus the crinkly Hoff-skin and plus a boob, of course.

  7. Just Ewww on so many levels.

  8. Sascha - I heard a rumour Jordan made it to the top three, but I wouldn't put it past all the goils to be clawing their way into Perez Hilton parties. Even Kara. "Remember meeee? I'M BEEEYOOOTIFUL!!"

    Redcap - Hopefully we can all look forward to a post-vodka-binge Jordan video popping up on You Tube any day now.

    Pete - I'd say at least three levels. Probably four.