Thursday, May 03, 2007

FACT: Jack White is God

Sorry my latest ANTM wrap up is late, I'm getting to it I swear.

I've just been a bit distracted by this video, which seems to do strange things to me...

If you too pray at the towering temple of man candy that is Jack White - enjoy.

If not - chill, the ANTM wrap up will be here in a few hours.


  1. Hey shorty - enough of the less drooling, more bitching. My whole office waits with baited breath for your witticisms around ANTM so get to it. and don't forget to add in an analogy between the Vogue Australia editor and Amanda Priestly (oh, and be sure to add in a bit about Pease Porridge's hideous gold converse shoes).

    Cheers Love,


  2. Consider it done, Henry, oh Henry...

    But you must allow me some Jack time every now and again - I'm only human, after all.

    Might I ask which office you are in that you and your colleagues wait for my ANTM wrap ups? I'd like to know so I can imagine you all gathering around your computer, giggling and fighting over the mouse and squealing "Read faster, I'm at the next bit already!"

    Ah, good times, good times.

  3. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and have somehow found myself here again today to worship. Holy Mary Mother of God! Is there a more overall beautiful man on the face of the earth than Jack White? I think not! Towering temple of man candy indeed! Ha! Lovely! Thank you for the opportunity to pause and gawk as I was just passing through. Bless you. ...Julietta

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Julietta! I'm always happy to welcome more worshippers to the temple... :)

    There's bound to be more Jack White musings in future, so make sure you come back now, y'all hear?

  5. AMEN to that Sister! Jack White IS God. Or if not at least he makes me see God... and hear Him as well! I too just stumbled across your site, it was picked up on my daily search of all things Jack-related, and the video just did my heart (and other parts)good. You have my top three favorite things right here: Jacky White; Arrested Development; and The Office. I can go to bed happy now :-)