Sunday, June 03, 2007

I guess he didn't give up...

It's hard to believe that I had a crush on Rick Astley when this song came out in 1988, esepcially given that dreadful chambray ensemble he's wearing around the 30 second mark (a chamsemble?).

However, it's possibly even HARDER to believe that a) Mr Astley is STILL performing this song, b) people STILL seem to like it and c) he's actually not bad looking these days. Seriously.

Before and after versions of Never Gonna Give You Up below.


  1. I loved Rick Astley back in the day! He doesn't seem to have aged at all - just filled out a bit. Weird.

  2. So weird, last weekend I was at my parent-in-law and we were having a YouTube nostalgia browse...

    My pick was Rick Astley! I only just watched that clip last weekend after not hearing that song for years and years. Perhaps he'll be back in vogue soon?

  3. Petstarr - you realise you're having a go at the biggest selling single in Australia ever? Don't doubt the power of the ginger nut!

    PS Still trying to decide what to spend my 'Princely' sum of $10 on...

  4. angries - I know, it's weird isn't it? I think he might have dyed his hair too. No one loves a Fantapants.

    Michelle - I was wondering this too, especially given that the 2006 reincarnation of the song seems to be a retro disco number. I wonder if it will become one of those G&L Mardi Gras hits, and resurrect his career a la Kylie's hot pants?

    Scootikins - I'm not having a go! I'm sharing the love. And as for your $10, you can shove it up your princely backside for all I care.

  5. oh, i think he looks hot now!

    this song was the demo number on my casio keyboard back in the day. i would hit demo and then pretend to play along - awesome!

    though i'd never noticed before that the lyrics sound slightly menacing - "you wouldn't get this from any other guy" seems a little nasty/bullying/emotional blackmail-y to me...

    oh, and he should bring back the ginge.