Monday, July 30, 2007

Can't hardly wait...!


How excited can one girl be, BC-ites?

The celebrity churning, burning, spanking behemoth known as Australian Idol is set to take over our TV screens from this weekend and once again I'll be ruining my sleep by recapping every episode for you right here in the BC. Who knows, maybe I'll start another internet war and bring the full wrath of Australia's fattest SNARKIEST nerds upon me again (and with it, the fiery sting of a thousand pageloads a day. Oooouch!)

Wanna relive last year's memories while you wait? Your wish is my command.


  1. Bring it on! Of course, the neverending final of Big Brother has to finish first. It will finish won't it?

  2. Oh my god thisisme, what is going on? Seriously, how long can this finale be? And WHAT IN GOD'S NAME was that DREADFUL pantomime with all the ex housemates? No REALLY, what was it????

  3. Holy cow! Is that an Australian Idol screen capture or a shot from the next series of Australia's Sweatiest Fatty Loser? It's like Barbie mated with Dean Lukin.

  4. Yes! Idol has never been so good since I started reading your recaps!

    I'm getting so excited thinking about all the rubbish songs that are going to be sung - plus the fireworks that are BOUND to go off between Dicko and Fuckface Sandilands...

    As for Australia's fattest SNARKIEST nerds, they will no doubt wheeze along as always, occasionally stopping to hoist their massive slabs of fat back up into the waistbands of their trousers.

  5. that is the best use of an idol picture on the internet I have EVER SEEN! I can't wait!!! aus idol fovever! Although, how bull-shit are those ads for idol? A truck-load of arias my arse. Tonka truck maybe?