Monday, July 09, 2007

Forget Nigel - Wil's the one with no friends

Whoring myself around MySpazz again and stumbled across something that has given me no end of joy: WIL ANDERSON ONLY HAS 24 FRIENDS.

24!? That's the MySpace equivalent of getting wedgies at the bus stop and spending every school recess in the library.


For more overly critical, unconstructive and generally quite rude comments about Wil, click here.


  1. I saw Wil on Rove a couple of weeks ago. He did a 'terrorism hotline fridge magnet' joke. Anybody who is recycling jokes from 2002 and still getting gigs deserves to be glassed. No wonder he's the comedian that all other comedians hate.

  2. He's down to 23 friends now Petstarr - looks like you've been deleted. Or maybe he's still angry about Lehmo scuttling their appearance at the Stars Come Out To Play party and has deleted his on-air buddy from the site. Schapelle jokes? Even Wil doesn't stoop that low...