Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Australian Idol 07 wrap up: ON HIATUS!

Oh noes! I've been called away to Sydney on business for the next two days and so the Idol recaps are officially ON HIATUS.


But don't worry, I'll be back with a MASTER RECAP this weekend... hope you can hang out that long.

Old Master Recap teaches the Idol kids a few things.


  1. That top pic made me lol. I hope this year we can get a Crying Fan Member of our own.

  2. I know you haven't officially blogged this yet, but WTFFFFF was going on when people voted in Lana Krost?! Did they even watch the show?

    I HATE girls that played Cosette in Les Mis.

  3. Oh noes. No recap until later. I'll just have to tape it and watch it myself. And I'm so with Audrey, how big is Lana's phone bill going to be?

  4. Sydney?
    If you have a spare hour to get drunk, email me toot-sweet.

  5. I concur. She was like watching paint dry. BEIGE paint. Wearing a weird outfit.

  6. But where will we be without you? I can't survive Idol on my own!
    I just can't do it!!

    (Especially with Lana in)

  7. What'll we do without your comments whilst you're gone??

    Really, you should be blogging for us :) cos you're really very good!


  8. I'm with Audrey & co. on Lana, but I'm not actually surprised. Nothing to do with the singing. She was a dream come true - the ultimate schoolgirl fantasy, all sweet and innocent and white and frilly, singing about the schoolyard and how big girls don't cry (simper, simper). I can't belive that she or someone in her entourage didn't know what they were doing with that number. The old fellas would've had their mobiles out.

  9. Count me in too Audrey. WTF all round. Although, Lana, or Hello Krostie as I like to call her, reminds me a bit of O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill; or at the least, Bjork as impersonated by Margaret Cho. Is it just me?

    I hate to be Carl Risely and blow my own trumpet but I've got a bit of my own Idol blogging going on here, which should keep you all busy until the wondrous PetStarr's return.

    Don't stay away too long though PetStarr!

  10. Very much looking forward to the MASTER RECAP this weekend, I'm so behind! You can watch the performances on the offical site but they don't show the judging madness. Enjoy Sydney Petstarr.

  11. Mark. Brought. Husny. Back.

    We need you. Help us, OPetStarr1.

  12. Marcia bought bugle boy back.

    He sucks and/or is boring.