Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Run, rabbit, run... No really, RUN!!!

A while back I got sufficiently annoyed about Victoria constantly pretending to be France that I took to one of their tourism ads with some film editing software and turned it into a thriller masterpiece.

Under my careful direction (and with some help from the Donnie Darko soundtrack), their highly popular 'Run Rabbit Run' commercial for the Yarra Valley suddenly became a short film about a mass murdering hotel owner who systematically slaughters his guests and steals their luggage.

But that was back when the internet was young and Youtube was but a glint in Google's eye, so I was only able to make people download an 8mb Windows Media file to watch it.





When is Victoria going to get over itself? It's like the whole state suffers from some sort of personality disorder, and someone needs to scream "YOU'RE NOT FRANCE, OK? GET OVER IT!" That said, this campaign is possibly a controversial addition to the list because it's very well shot, very watchable and it has a lovely little song that sticks in your head. On the surface, it's quite nice. However I've just watched Wolf Creek and now I see this commercial for what it REALLY is - a short horror film.

For those who haven't seen the original and can't be bothered clicking the YouTube vid above (really, how lazy are you?): a young couple, who have obviously been holidaying in a bed and breakfast of some sort in the south of France Victoria, try to extend their stay by escaping the manager by naughtily running through various picturesque locations and hiding in the vineyards, while he chases them around. LIKE JACK NICHOLSON IN THE SHINING. Seriously, the man is creepy. He dances between the vines with a maniacal smile on his face as he looks for his victims missing house guests. All that's missing is the axe in his hand.

Not only this - then he carries their left-behind suitcases into a shed and stows them, smiling, on a shelf, ALONGSIDE HUNDREDS OF OTHER BAGS OF HUNDREDS OF OTHER MISSING HOUSEGUESTS. Where are they all living? In the vineyards? Maybe six feet under them. I say again: Wolf Creek. I think the slogan should be changed from "You'll never want to leave" to just "You'll never leave". It's possibly more appropriate, especially if you happen to stay at this house of horrors run by a madman in the Yarra Valley.

The Run, Rabbit, Run soundtrack is scary enough as it is (in fact I believe it was a pro-ally song during WWII written about Hitler - great), but I swear if you put some screechy violins in there instead you'd get a one minute movie straight from hell.

In fact, I KNOW you would, as I've done it myself using music from Donnie Darko. I'd like to think it's what the ad was TRULY meant to be - properly menacing. Visit Victoria? I'd rather go to Snowtown, thanks.


  1. The best part is when he's skipping about halfway through the ad. Fucking frightening.

    Now you should dub Wolf Creek with Run, Rabbit, Run.....

  2. Your New NightmareAugust 02, 2007 7:57 am

    I know it's hard being from South Australia, but you have to let the anger go!

    It's a bit of fun...have a laugh...we do.

    You're right, Melbs/Vic ain't France...thank god for that!

  3. I share your disdain for the Chamber of Commerce mentality that infests interstate one upmanship. However, I would humbly submit that Victoria is a far less frequent entrant into this pathetic competition than the other five former colonies. It's so provincial.

  4. I thought it was scary enough with the original soundtrack!

  5. Even before I read what you said I was thinking Jack Nicholson.

    But what is it about South Australians' obsession with Victoria?

  6. You sadly have less hits on YouTube than a Mrs Marsh Colgate ad from the early 1980s (, but hopefully the troglodytes of the world wide web soon learn that Petstarr is far more exciting than Tough Teeth.

  7. sweet zombie jesus. that add is now terrifying! more so...

  8. O

    I was so absolutely terrified of that ad when it was on TV, and my parents made fun of me for a very long time because I was scared of it, but I'm glad other people can see the scariness in it. It's truly weird and creepy, and I'm not watching the Youtube clip because I won't be able to sleep otherwise.

  9. Mahahaha! The soundtrack really does make all the difference, doesn't it? Must confess, I couldn't be arsed downloading the 8MB the first time around, so I'm glad you YouTubed it (even if Mrs Marsh soaking in it does have more hits).

  10. I watched it the first time around...I showed my Dad (a Victorian...and a crazy one at that, as may be remembered from some old blogs!) and he was totally offended by what you did to it.
    I agree that it was scary enough to begin with!

  11. I'm sorry, but I got scary-tingles WAY earlier while watching the original version than when I watched your revamped version... but regardless, yours was very good.
    By the way, you can have your Grand Prix back, total waste of money.

  12. ha! hilarious! Admittedly, as a Sydneysider I have never seen the NSW ads which are probably really lame too but it has always cracked me up how Victoria seems to regard itself as Prague or, indeed, the French countryside. Whilst I love Melbourne and the Yarra, the similarity to Europe is not that big and I think they have better claims to fame than a (very) passing resemblance to European cities and countryside.

    I actually like the Run Rabbit ad although I love what you did to it. The one that really irritates me is the one with the big ball of red string. Get serious.