Sunday, September 23, 2007

Disco gets delayed!

Hi loyal BC-ites (and a special hello to Dicko, Werewolf le Scarf and Mark Da Rocksta, if they happen to be reading! Say hello, don't be shy!).

Just an advance notice to say tonight's wrap up of DISCO NIGHT won't be posted until AFTER the verdict on Monday night, because tonight I'll be grooving away at another disco night altogether - PARKLIFE!

So instead of watching Jacob Butler do Play That Funky Music White Boy like I KNOW he's going to, I'll be partying on with Lyrics Born, Busy P and Justice.

It's hard to know whether tonight's show could be more of a train wreck than last week's ROCK FEST, although disco is traditionally the daggiest semi final night of them all. Must I remind you of Mr Leith?

At any rate, if you're really hard up for something to read on Monday morning and just HAVE to have some Idol bashing, you could try reading my recap of LAST YEAR'S disco show. Ignore the names and it'll probably be about the same.

Party on!


  1. you should do a wrap up of PARKLIFE too!

  2. Good idea anonymous. Although they say if you can remember it, you weren't there...

  3. Ahahaha yeah that will be me come Monday...

    btw love your work! x