Monday, October 22, 2007

Australian Idol 07 wrap up: Judges' Choice RESULTS

There's been a bit of chatter in the mee-jah recently about how Idol's Monday night verdict shows have been, well, REALLY FUCKING BORING of late, with too much G-RATED PADDING and not enough ARSE KICKING. Hear hear. So it's nice to see the Idols take a well deserved break tonight from visiting children with cancer / raising money for charity / rescuing babies from burning buildings to instead hang around backstage during their rehearsals and bitch and complain about things. And it's even nicer to see it was all caught on camera for our amusement.

If this is all part of Dicko's grand plan to spice up the show - huzzah, say I.
Enough of the Brady Bunch group singing - give us more backstage bitching and side of stage snarking!

Aside from all these fun and games tonight's verdict show also yielded the following nuggets of TV gold:

  • Matt Corby triumphantly rises above last night's combo vest-jacket fashion mistake by converting a K Mart toddler's nightie into a fetching T shirt:


  • Kate "It's pronounced derouge" De Araouguoou shows off the most impressive Idol cleavage since Lavina Williams on disco night when she sings her new single with the rest of The Boring Divas. She is only JUST outdone by an obese rapper with E cups.

  • Marcia reveals that where she comes from, her butt "is her calling card". I think we can leave that there.

"BUT WHAT OF THE RESULTS?" I hear you scream.

Tarisai, Marty and Mifdud make up the bottom three - no surprises there. Once again Marty's guardian angel refuses to give him a break by sending him back to the safety couch first. Seriously, what does this guy have to do to get voted out for god's sake?

Who will it be: Screamy or Scarfey? Whitney or Julio? Big Hair or Bigger Hair?

The vote is cast, the announcement is made, it's Dan. Ken Doll asks him to do one more performance of Fragile but it's too late - he's already started ripping his clothes off and howling at the lighting rig. Soon the transformation is complete, and he scampers off stage to join his werewolf brethren attacking tourists in the streets of Sydney.


  1. WTF with the frock Corby??? I couldn't follow the group song because I was too busy snickering at the third soprano in the mix. What was he thinking? Somebody shoot Sheridan. Now.

  2. Oops, got a bit carried away with the premature commenting there. My bad. If dede holds the gun, I'll pass the bullets. There is nothing cool about the outfits this year. My 4 year old sister could design better clothes with her crayolas.

  3. Interestingly enough, looking at the photo, if it was maybe five sizes smaller it could have been halfway cute... or, you know, still look like his peejays... and ugly peejays too.

    Either that or he got the folks who did the Bratz fashion design competition to make it special for him (I've been reading through the archives ;P)

  4. Tee hee, did you see swing boy's face when Aggro got sent back to the couch? Priceless...

  5. Corby should be kicked off simply for his fuggish fashion sense. What the HELL.

  6. when we saw matt's 'shirt' (was it a shirt ??) we looked at each other and said "i wonder what Petstarr will write about that" !!!!!

    seriously - vote off the idol style team i reckon

  7. He looked even more like a lady than usual. His shoulders were delightfully woman-like.

  8. Matt should just wear a dress and be done with it. Like a nice ballroom number complete with puffy sleeves and hoops. He could prance around the stage, twirling and twirling. Now THAT would be awesome.

  9. ah Blandie you da bomb. Touchdown!

    i didn't watch it and can't make out from the photo, but is it Bananas in Pyjamas or Bob the Builder on Matt's shirt then?

  10. I was watching with my mum and she seriously said 'Who's that girl??' and I could not convince her it was Matt. Now that Ben's gone Matt's carrying the 'shim' vote by himself.

  11. that shirt, With this sort of fashion sense on show, Idol should be having a drag night...

  12. Every night is drag night on Idol.

  13. Wildoat... they were little faceless lego men actually :)

  14. I can 100% genuinely say that I thought that picture of Matt Corby was Missy Higgins.

    One of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance summed it up nicely the other night - "You got Punked by wardrobe!"

  15. Matt, is he a crossdresser?
    Don't blame the fashion team, they did great. I think it's the contestant's taste. Look at Carl, he always look great.

  16. petra, you clever belle
    has taken me forever to catch up with your recent blogs
    good to see the DICKO factor has amped your 'devotion' of readers and hence number of comments! Even if some ill_informed catz think it's a forum to question your musical tastes - er, it's about IDOL goddam it yeah...!??! pretty simple really
    you know I love your work and still think they should have you on Idol radio weekly
    don't forget to email or text your pick on the morrow following tonight's OZ_flavoured show...

    Maybe Matt Corby will don an Australiana quilt cover pulled in at his size 8 waist with an RM WIlliams woven leather belt topped with a Koala fur trilby and finishing it off with fluoro ugg boots? Just some ideas for you Sheridan but you prob thought of em all...


  17. Now that I look at it michelle is right - Matt does look like Missy Higgins...

    The whole stylist team should be sacked - Kyle too.

  18. the t shirt he was wearing was designed by a famous brand called thousand reasons and was longer on purpose. personally i like it and i think you should all grow up and let people wear what they like...