Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let the nannafication begin

It was my birthday last week. As far as I know, I turned 27. After tonight I'm not so sure.

Here's what I could have done tonight:

  • Gone to town to see hip hop legend Talib Kweli tear HQ a new one.

  • Put my hands in the air like I just didn't care.

  • Gotten funky.

Here's what I did instead:

  • Went straight home and put my dressing gown on.

  • Sat on the couch and watched the news, followed by A Current Affair and Today Tonight, including a fluffy 10 minute "report" on John Howard in which I ACTUALLY thought to myself "Maybe that John Howard's not such a bad bloke after all". Honestly.

  • Made tea. IN A TEAPOT.

  • Drank aforementioned tea with a few biscuits. SHORTBREAD BISCUITS.

  • Considered going to Talib Kweli gig but decided against it on the grounds that "it's too hard to park around there" and "it'll be a late night".

It's clear the nannafication process is well under way. I'm not sure if I can stop it in such an advanced stage of development. Anyone know any cures?


  1. There's nothing wrong with nannifying yourself in small doses. Lord knows nothing feels better than snuggling in your bathrobe after a hot shower.

    But you better bring your a-game tomorrow night girly girl. I mean it. SHOW UP.

  2. get drunk in my car and then dance dance dance at revolver on saturday night??

    its what the cool un-nannad kids do

    and im 29

  3. I would recommend some kind of artificial stimulant in the tea

  4. hey this sounds like my life and I'm 21 :(


    Feel free to ignore it...but I nommed you for a Blogging Star Award.


  6. Nothing wrong with that at all.
    Its kinda cute.
    I'll be 35 in December and I'm right now I am drinking tea from a teapot (was bloody hard to find a decent one here in Arizona) and wearing Ugg Boots.
    Though later we are going for a picnic to see the Aspens.
    Embrace the inner Nana.

  7. Nothing is wrong with tea. I happen to live off tea and I'm only sixteen. *Laughs* But perhaps that's just me.
    Anyways, just dropping by to say that I love your Idol wrap ups. I discovered them a few days ago and read the whole season's worth in one sitting - I laughed and laughed and laughed. I can't wait for tonight's. (If Marty doesn't leave this week then I will be very, very unhappy.)
    Keep up the good work,
    Natalie Rose xox

  8. Wow, cozalcoatl, are we the same person? I'll be 35 in December too!

    But really, Pet, nothing wrong with the couch, the tea or the dressing gown. It's just the shortbread bickies you need to lose. All that butter isn't any good for anyone.

    But in any case, I don't really think it counts on a Thursday night. If, like me, you crawled home from work on Friday, completely exhausted by the week, poured yourself a vodka and soda and promptly went to sleep in front of Lord of the Rings on the telly, then you should probably look at what had happened your life.

  9. Redcap- we may be, a bit more Sci-Fi in your fav books and we could be twins. You love Nick Cave awesome...he is my favourite.

  10. Oh Honey, I do all those things AND regularly listen to Radio National. For the record I just turned 25.

    x Teaspoon

    (and I regularly call strangers "honey", "doll" and "sweetheart")

  11. There is no cure my sweet. The day will come soon enough when you will be unable to explain how you once considered standing around at smoke filled noisy establishments being groped to be entertainment.

    Plenty have fought the inevitable, and most look pretty hideous in doing so.

    Finding some positive signs in Howard probably indicates you have moved somewhat above the breadline. It is amazing what a little affluence can do.