Sunday, November 25, 2007

20 minutes in to the Australian Idol Grand Finale: A snapshot

PETSTARR: I said won't you turn me loose, WOO! TURN ME LOOSE! Wow, those Young Divas would be great for a wedding.

RAOUL DUKE: Mmm. I am pretending to be interested.

PETSTARR: *checking tv guide on computer* Er, honey... You know this goes for three hours...?


PETSTARR: Er, no. It finishes at 10.30.

RAOUL DUKE: What the HELL? Why don't they just GET ON WITH IT? This is RIDICULOUS. SERIOUSLY. Three HOURS? etc. etc. etc.

I'll have the wrap up done Monday, kids.

If you're looking for a tip - it's a TOUGH CALL, but I think our favourite might fall at the last hurdle, so my money's on Natalie.

Or maybe Maxine McCue will turn up and surprise us all.


  1. Whoever chose the group song for tonight had an evil sense of humour. If Lionel Ritchie was in his grave, he'd be turning. It's a miracle - he walks!

    Am I the only one sitting here wondering who some of those people in the group are?

    And why does Sheridan Tyler hate Natalie so much? There is a naked toilet roll doll somewhere in Sydney.

  2. I tend to agree - Natalie's gonna take it. I think. I kind of hope. I'm not really sure. It's a 50/50 chance.

    That 'Here I Am' song is just terrible.

    Looking forward to your wrap up,
    natalie rose xox

  3. she looked like a duck and he looked like a blueberry

    its ridiculous.

    and yes, i watched the group song and was cringing and laughing the whole way through it. utterly ridiculous

    so looking forward to the rest of the review

  4. Looking forward to your wrapup - For some reason we couldn't get any reception on Channel Ten once Natalie appeared in the white dress so I had to turn to my friend the internet to find out who won!!

  5. Ditto to all of the above comments.
    Natalie's outfits= shit ie. toilet roll/dead swan dress of which she was BURSTING OUT of at the top, slutty long white wedding dress, purple TIE DYED top (gag) and way too tight and unflattering red dress, which could have been redeemed if she hadn't decided to wear long black gloves with it that made her arms look fat and frankly just weird.
    Sheridan Tyler must die.

    Matt's outfits= weird.
    Now I know he ALWAYS looks a little strange but frankly last night took it to a WHOOOOOLLLLEEEE new level for me. Bright blue suit? maroon jeans that were like LEGGINGS??? We know he has girl legs but do they have to be accentuated all the bloody time?

    I say again Sheridan Tyler must die.

  6. I thought Matt was wearing elf pants??