Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ANTM advance warning II

Dear, loyal BCites and ANTM devotees: I'm sorry to say that once again this week my episode wrap up will be late, due to...

a) Foxtel not sending me DVDs anymore (thanks guys, no really, thanks)

b) my mother's VCR having shat itself

c) me being too poor to actually afford Foxtel at my own abode and

d) me being absolutely, completely stuffed after my second ever workout in six months (I really don't remember it being THIS hard)

...all of which basically adds up to me having to wait until Wednesday to watch the episode on YouTube.

But... that's... so... sad...

I'M SOY SORRY. In the meantime, feel free to add your own hilarious episode 6 related zingers in the comments! Or head over to Jo Blogs who'll be wrapping everything up for your reading pleasure well before me.


  1. alexandra fattens up the girls, like a high-waisted jeans wearing version of the witch in hansel and gretel, only to have her collagen habit exposed, thus explaining her dead fish mouth.
    definately my highlight!
    that and unknown rapper? singer? Seany B having some sort of menage a trois with two of the girls in the dressing room. i died a little bit inside.

  2. Oh my god nico, you're not serious? HURRY UP AND PUT THAT HING ON YOUTUBE, DAMMIT!!

  3. My kids have been saying for weeks that Alex's lips look like the stick-on mouths they use on Robot Chicken...

  4. Bitch in the CityMay 28, 2008 3:04 pm

    You are a genius!! Have started my own ANTM blog- well, that amongst other things are you are officially my blogging hero.

    Trés clever :)

  5. Who the hell is Seany B? JP alleged that he'd had Number 1 hits.

    Petstarr, I am refreshing regularly for your next instalment. If all that YouTube palaver wasn't beyond me I would try to help you! xx

  6. petstarr, i could never not be serious about something like ANTM! ha.
    we also got jodhello giving us some wicked puns such as 'we're not going to butter you up or cugarcoat it' to let us know they found out about aforementioned Fattening Up. sneaky sneaky.
    an't wait until the next wrap up! it's the highlight of my otherwise boring week. i'm so lame.

  7. *roughs up your mother for having a shite VCR*
    If I could send you a tape, I would - can't wait for this week's wrap-up. Should be killer.

  8. PetStarr, I just wanted to say how much I looove your wraps, so much that a) I actually shut my eyes in ecstasy when I typed "looove", and it came out "kiiiicr", and b) it makes it hard to keep up the will to do my own round-ups.