Monday, May 05, 2008

ANTM advance warning

Hello loyal BCites - just a quick warning that this week's Top Model wrap up will be a bit later than usual, as tomorrow night I will be out and about experiencing some kul-tcha instead of staying in to watch the Foxtel. I'm thinking perhaps Thursday. But it might end up being Friday. Sorry.

In the meantime you know you can mosey on over to Jo's blog for almost as funny episode recaps (he he, take that, Jo) that may or may not be up before mine. She can be a bit slack sometimes so you never know.

To conclude with a totally unrelated story: I had a dream last night that Jack White asked me to sing with The Raconteurs. To understand the significance of this moment, see this post, or this one, or any of these.

So would.

Of course I gleefully said yes, and then basked in the sunny glory of what was sure to be a hot future career alternately singing Store Bought Bones on stage and pashing the celebrity object of my lusty attentions backstage.

But all that was dashed at our very first gig, when co Raconteur Brendan Benson asked how I'd gone learning all the songs, and I realised I knew all of three lyrics.

I had to lie and say I'd learned them fine, thank you, but I had some bad prawns at lunch that were making me feel rather ill and whoops, I don't think I can make it to the gig tonight after all, sorry.


Sometimes dreams really suck.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha - you blamed seafood - that is just gold. Tops my dream about George Bush doing Nissan ads with a soundtrack of the The Fratellis.

  2. Steady on with the praise, lady.

  3. Oh Jo, Jo, Jo, you know I'm only Jo-Jo-Jo-king! But I can't have everyone around here shifting camps now, can I? Have to downplay your funny just a bit.

  4. You kissed Jack White 'backstage'? Oooh-errr! I guess you had an 'Access All Areas' pass for that tete-a-tete, eh?

    Keeping it rock star, I had a dream Sarah Blasko wandered into my office with a bottle of wine last week, sat on my desk for a while having a chat, drank the wine and then gave me a massive pash on her way out. While I have to say my interest in Sarah Blasko has suddenly grown tenfold, I foolishly stopped her lusty lips hastily with the line, 'Errr, Don't you have a boyfriend?'.

    Geez - even in my dreams I have an annoying array of morals.

  5. Oh, I'm just being Pet-Pet-Petulant.

  6. Every time I watch The Office US style I dream about John Krasinski and the various ways in which we meet and fall in love.

    Waking up always results in a tiny piece of my heart being cut away and burned.

  7. Do you think that the Stuff Kulcha Massive will be supporting the nubile and be-bodypainted dancers of Pilobolus?