Thursday, July 03, 2008

In recovery

While I recover from the hedonistic wasteland that was the Top Model finale and the after parties that followed (and, more importantly, try to work out what the hell to write about it all), I think the following question is worth considering:

Is this abandoned cat from the RSCPA's Lonsdale shelter actually Cthulhu, keeper of all evil?

Exhibit A: Sabby.

Exhibit B: Cthulhu.

You decide.


  1. Either that it's a fat nerd cat that's going to a JRR Tolkien convention dressed as Gandalf.

  2. I am DIEING here!

    Is Perdis really that orange in real life?

    is Pease dead ? Like Jodello's hosting career?

    Did you collect any of Alamela's tears for ebay sale?

  3. The look on that cats face is similar to the look i had on my face when the winner was announced.

  4. I read old Kirstie Clements wont run Demelza on the cover and will do an editorial on bullying. She must have been bullied at school by the cool girls too...

    Why is everyone so pro Alyce now? She was a whiney whingey pain in the butt in the series and now everyone on the Daily Tele blogs are saying how Demelza/Alex would never be as great/classy as her...puhleeese!

  5. this is why alice burdeu is suddenly so popular.

    she is smokin' !!

  6. Did you sell out at the finale??

    Please write your blog!!!

  7. Thanks so much. The "I want my jelly" comment gave me the will to live when I was in a foul mood. Still wobbling with laughter.

  8. WELL?????????

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  10. I think your blog is fantastic - I've never laughed so hard - people should be grateful for whatever time you have to spare instead of complaining! Hopefully one day (if you aren't already) you can make your living this way because you've got a talent.