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Sunday, August 24, 2008

No rest for the wicked...

So there I was, settling down to watch the opening episode of Australian Idol, my heart buoyed by the notion that I was NOT going to blog this season and I was free to enjoy the show without having to come up with hilarious jokes every five minutes, and then Kyle goes and says this:

"If you're a muso and you haven't had a crack at Idol you're not taking it serious enough."

Well SHIT. How can I ignore that kind of comedy gold?

So look, I'll cut you a deal, kids. Idol is "fast tracking" the trip to the final 12 this year, and so will I.

All those BC readers who haven't yet blacklisted me for not delivering on the ANTM finale: Tune back in after the auditions and semi finals are over, and we'll get Idol blogging CRAZY up in here, y'all!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

An open letter to my lovely (and not so lovely) fans

Given that I seem to get far more comments when I DON'T post anything on here than when I do (44 and counting, woo!), I'm not quite sure why I'm bothering to write this, but to be honest - I'm getting sick of all the nagging and whingeing about my absence.

Some of my personal favourite comments so far:

"I'm taking you off speed dial (read: removing you from my browser favourites) I'm seriously disappointed"

"Petstar, I think you've blown it. Too much time has passed. You must have a big problem with procrastination."

"Wow procrastination if i ever did see it! Cmon, quite annoying"

And my absolute favourite, from anonymous (aren't they always?)

"I'd be fine not getting a recap, but I am pissed off by false promises. It is time for petstarr - even if sh has to get a medium to channel her - to admit she has changed her mind and will not recap. No one forced her to say twice - twice - \it's coming soon. 'I promise'. Anyone who reads this site is disappointed as the recaps are such fun. But the promises hold out false hope and I think it is rude and immature to promise and run away. 'Sorry, can't face it after all' would satisfy me."



But it was this comment, left on my new AdelaideNow blog, that really pissed me off.

So you basically abandon your other blog and fans over there without so much as a by your leave? Nice.

Sorry, "Blonde Canyon", I wasn't aware I owed anyone anything, actually. The fact is - this blog is a hobby. You know, something you do just for FUN, because you ENJOY it. Not because there are thousands of people monitoring you and if you don't then they'll start hanging shit on you. What's your hobby? Scrapbooking? Footy? Imagine if all of a sudden people started banging on your front door every Sunday morning demanding to know why you weren't at the park kicking the ball around, or in the kitchen cutting up magazines in creative ways? YOU MEAN YOU DECIDED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF BECAUSE YOU WERE TIRED? YOU SUCK.

When I start receiving cheques in the mail from all my paid blog subscribers, I'll start feeling obliged to keep this thing updated come hail, shine or lack of sleep.

There seem to be a few theories out there as to why I've (temporarily) abandoned the Bland Canyon. One is that I'm a really bad procrastinator - true, generally, although that has nothing to do with this situation. The other is that Rupert Murdoch turned up at my house with a tray of martinis, a wheelbarrow full of cash and a contract stating I must abandon all personal pursuits in perpetuity - half true. It was a suitcase, not a wheelbarrow.

But ultimately, it comes down to this: I've just gotten a new job. I love it, but it's very intense and time consuming. I spend about 11 hours a day sitting in front of a computer writing, so the idea of spending the only free time I have in front of my home computer writing doesn't exactly appeal to me like it used to. The hobby has begun to resemble "work". And working 24 hours a day, seven days a week isn't my idea of a fun way to pass the time.

I'm still not sure if I'll blog Australian Idol this year. Part of me wants to continue the tradition, but the little voice in my head keeps reminding me that it means six hour writing shifts each Sunday and Monday night, and I think I might lose the last shred of sanity I have left if I undertake that task this year. I guess I'll find out what I've decided on August 24.

A hearty thank you to all my loyal supporters, fans and readers. Although some of your recent comments have irked me, it is sort of nice to know that you care enough to feel anything at all that I've gone silent.

In the meantime - I'm not closing the BC, I'm just putting up the "do not disturb" sign for a little while, OK?