Sunday, August 17, 2008

An open letter to my lovely (and not so lovely) fans

Given that I seem to get far more comments when I DON'T post anything on here than when I do (44 and counting, woo!), I'm not quite sure why I'm bothering to write this, but to be honest - I'm getting sick of all the nagging and whingeing about my absence.

Some of my personal favourite comments so far:

"I'm taking you off speed dial (read: removing you from my browser favourites) I'm seriously disappointed"

"Petstar, I think you've blown it. Too much time has passed. You must have a big problem with procrastination."

"Wow procrastination if i ever did see it! Cmon, quite annoying"

And my absolute favourite, from anonymous (aren't they always?)

"I'd be fine not getting a recap, but I am pissed off by false promises. It is time for petstarr - even if sh has to get a medium to channel her - to admit she has changed her mind and will not recap. No one forced her to say twice - twice - \it's coming soon. 'I promise'. Anyone who reads this site is disappointed as the recaps are such fun. But the promises hold out false hope and I think it is rude and immature to promise and run away. 'Sorry, can't face it after all' would satisfy me."



But it was this comment, left on my new AdelaideNow blog, that really pissed me off.

So you basically abandon your other blog and fans over there without so much as a by your leave? Nice.

Sorry, "Blonde Canyon", I wasn't aware I owed anyone anything, actually. The fact is - this blog is a hobby. You know, something you do just for FUN, because you ENJOY it. Not because there are thousands of people monitoring you and if you don't then they'll start hanging shit on you. What's your hobby? Scrapbooking? Footy? Imagine if all of a sudden people started banging on your front door every Sunday morning demanding to know why you weren't at the park kicking the ball around, or in the kitchen cutting up magazines in creative ways? YOU MEAN YOU DECIDED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF BECAUSE YOU WERE TIRED? YOU SUCK.

When I start receiving cheques in the mail from all my paid blog subscribers, I'll start feeling obliged to keep this thing updated come hail, shine or lack of sleep.

There seem to be a few theories out there as to why I've (temporarily) abandoned the Bland Canyon. One is that I'm a really bad procrastinator - true, generally, although that has nothing to do with this situation. The other is that Rupert Murdoch turned up at my house with a tray of martinis, a wheelbarrow full of cash and a contract stating I must abandon all personal pursuits in perpetuity - half true. It was a suitcase, not a wheelbarrow.

But ultimately, it comes down to this: I've just gotten a new job. I love it, but it's very intense and time consuming. I spend about 11 hours a day sitting in front of a computer writing, so the idea of spending the only free time I have in front of my home computer writing doesn't exactly appeal to me like it used to. The hobby has begun to resemble "work". And working 24 hours a day, seven days a week isn't my idea of a fun way to pass the time.

I'm still not sure if I'll blog Australian Idol this year. Part of me wants to continue the tradition, but the little voice in my head keeps reminding me that it means six hour writing shifts each Sunday and Monday night, and I think I might lose the last shred of sanity I have left if I undertake that task this year. I guess I'll find out what I've decided on August 24.

A hearty thank you to all my loyal supporters, fans and readers. Although some of your recent comments have irked me, it is sort of nice to know that you care enough to feel anything at all that I've gone silent.

In the meantime - I'm not closing the BC, I'm just putting up the "do not disturb" sign for a little while, OK?



  1. ah, good to see you're alive and kicking. was wondering if you'd drowned in the sea of whinging.

    hope to see aus idol wrap ups - always good for a snicker or eight.

    no matter how bad things get, remember - there are always people out there who think they can sing. when they can't. at all.

  2. anonymous (aren't they always?)August 17, 2008 9:02 pm

    A bit odd that you're so frantic with work and sick of staring at the computer and writing -absolutely fair enough and understandable - but you end up writing such a long entry here. A simple 'Sorry guys (and a hearty 'stuff you' to my detractors) but I'm snowed under with new stuff. This blog is on hiatus' would have been AOK.

    In my opinion, it is polite to do as you say you'll do. If you say 'I will update!' and then fail to do so, I think it's a bit much to say I OWE YOU NOTHING when people point out that that kind of thing is impolite. Sure, it's the internet so it's all a massive wank anyway, and I don't see why people get so rude about it, but do you see their point at all?

    Anyway. Enjoy the new job.

  3. So now my apology note isn't good enough, anonymous? I guess I just can't win. Next time I'm stuck for words I guess I'll just contact you to find out the most appropriate way to say something, shall I?

    By the way - taking 15 minutes to write a "here's the deal" post is hardly as taxing as spending 6 hours until 2am writing a blow-by-blow account of a television program. So actually, it's not odd at all.

    PS: Screw you.

  4. Hi, Petstarr.
    Aside from the fact that you just choose to write what and when you like on your OWN BLOG (selfish), I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BROKE MY CANDLE-HOLDER.

    So rude. So immature.

    If blogging were just supposed to be a hobby, it would be free, and you'd get to administer your own blog and dictate its rules.
    Anyway, I think you should write less. And be more sporadic. And use more adverbs.

  5. Hey! I really enjoyed stopping by here occasionally for your funny recaps of the tragedy/comedy that is ANTM. Thanks and I think it's a great thing that you get to use that talent for a job, awesome!
    I can't believe people have left nasty comments. Get over it people. We all know what happened at the finale, Demelzas a mole, nothing new.
    Peace out



    Um, no, the decision was not rude and immature but not letting us know earlier, and your responses lately ARE.

    I'm too old (too busy and important) to try to figure out how to get a pseudonym, so anonymous will have to do.

  7. Anonymous, I've got no interest in continuing this weird slagging match about what constitutes polite and impolite internet behaviour, but I would like to remind you that I do this blog for me, not for you or anyone else. It's MY hobby that I do for MY OWN enjoyment. It's not my job, I don't feel obliged to do it (clearly), and I certainly don't feel obliged to keep readers (loyal or otherwise) appraised of my comings and goings, personal commitments or time management issues. You see it as "impolite" that I didn't give everyone a written warning and two week's notice that I was taking time off - I see it as none of your business. I'm glad you're so old, busy and important - you'll have no trouble finding something else to do with your time than complain to me about my lack of blog etiquette.

  8. Wow! Suddenly you have all the time in the world to be nasty to people trying to clarify their point of view.

    Still no self-awareness.

    Rude, immature, petty, spiteful, unable to take a whiff of criticism but you sure can dish it out. I used to love your blog but now I see the bloated ego behind it and that where your own behaviour is concerned you are unaccountable and humourless, too, I'm not so sure.

    You're not so funny now.

  9. ...I guess this isn't a good time or place to mention that I'm selling a 1978 Torana, good gearbox, one pink door with a Playboy sticker on the back?

  10. Anonymous, I'm pretty sure the point is that Petstarr doesn't owe her readers anything at all. If she fails to update for four months, the only person who loses out is her by dropping readers hard won through the hours and hours she put in every week. Clearly, she is okay with that and she doesn't need to apologise to anyone about it.

    It seems like you feel she should be asking forgiveness or keeping everyone apprised of her whereabouts simply because they like reading her. If she was getting paid to do this, then your argument might be valid. But she's not, and if she wants to get lost for a month or four than that's entirely her prerogative.

    She doesn't have to explain herself to you, and I'm pretty certain she didn't start getting rude until you still insisted on posting a comment post apology criticising the way she chooses to run this little corner of the internet.

    No offence, but you have no right to come in here and criticise someone just because you don't like how often they do or don't update. That's way lame dude.

    Not even Petstarr's IRL friends get to see much of her these days. But you don't see us giving her lectures on etiquette.

  11. C'mon, let's abide by the rules here. I've just consulted V.44 of the Internet Etiquette Almanac (pp 1001-1057) (It's a hefty tome, let me tell you) and it clearly stipulates here in clause a) sub-section 2 that, and I quote; "Any person or persons going by the name Anonymous, who shall be so gainfully unemployed, sad and lonesome as to bother to take the time to compose an impotent and ill-conceived criticism of a nameless, faceless blogger person of the interweb and to whom the aformentioned sad-sack is owed naught and nothing should henceforth and rightfully be chided and derided as a rather large wanker."

  12. OK...I'll chuck in a 1984 Adelaide street directory too. Come on? Any takers?

  13. so im still kinda confused, do we get a final ep recap or not?

  14. those losers who posted lame comments made me mad too! i'm glad you put them in their place.

  15. p.s. oh.em.gee. seems like theres a lot of stupid people reading your clever blog.

  16. I want to apologize for being so impolite, obviously i don't have anything better to do then correct others and tell them how to act or what is right and wrong.

    Sorry, I guess it's just an ego thing.

  17. A different anonymous!August 18, 2008 6:00 pm

    At least your alive!

  18. Drama drama drama - good luck with the new job! You're a very talented writer.

  19. I think I know what's been lacking in the comment sections here:

    Congratulations, Petstar, on your killer new job. You deserve it.

    All others: shut the fuck up.

  20. haha, i agree jacob!

    and petstar, i'm glad you were able to "wrap up" the more cringe worthy comments. love your work, as always.

  21. Petstarr you don't owe us anything, and you've given us so much as it is! Don't listen to any of these assholes who manage to suck the fun out of everything they touch (or complain) about. Final wrap or not it has been such a pleasure to read all your entries. Thank you for everything. I was living overseas for the past year and reading your blogs on shows I couldn't get over there used to absolutely make my day. Thank you. You're a great writer and I'm glad you're enjoying your new job, it is very well deserved.

    You have given us all hours of entertainment for free, which a lot of people here seem to be forgetting. Again thanks for everything,

    - Some random named tom

  22. Good to read the recap of the finale. Waited so long!

    Petstarr as Demelza the chubby bitchface, all those pesky robot-like anonymous complainers standing in for Alamela,and all the named and anonymous supporters, the Bitchketeers, who say no to apologies and yes to bullying.

    Petstarr, your apology was beautiful, and even though it came a bit late, like Demelza's I'm sure it was very sincere.

  23. So, now Petstarr is a bully? Give me a fucking break. What is it about the internet that allows people to shamelessly lash out at others?

    PetStarr, congratulations on your job! Although it sounds stressful, it also sounds like a great opportunity and I'm glad that you are getting some recognition for your wonderful skills and hard work. Regardless of whether you do the Idol Wrap-Ups this year or not, I just wanted to let you know that your recaps are fucking awesome and I'm sure there are heaps of readers out there who don't comment but appreciate them so much.

  24. Phew Petstarr, I'm just glad to hear you're still alive. I'm a huge fan of the ANTM recaps (you couldn't pay me to sit through ten minutes of Idol) and while it's a shame to hear that you'll probably be too busy having a life to provide us with recaps in the future, I really hope the new job works out and you enjoy every minute of what little spare time you have left.
    Thanks for the time we've had to enjoy your blog, fuck 'Anonymous' whingers, it's been great and I promise I'll keep checking back regularly just on the off chance you've posted something new for me to get my giggle on.

    Cheers, darl.

  25. Congratulations on your new job. Congratulations for standing up for yourself, and not kowtowing to bullies on the internet.
    Congratulations for being an amazingly, hilarious writer, who WITHOUT FAIL (i'm pretty sure) made me chuckle, guffaw and laugh out loud, for the mere effort of clicking a mouse.
    *raises martini*
    This one's for you, may you be rolling in sweet-hard-earned Murdoch cash

  26. there was nothing rude about not updating your blog. I get it, you were tired. I just popped by to see if you had done it. Now I feel like I just got yelled at after asking someone if they were ok. That "apology" - that was very expressive and un-fun to read. I won't be looking you up on AdelaideNow. bye. Claire

  27. nice try anonymous, or should that be CLAIRE, ahem. anyway. let's forgive and forget but your original message was self-righteous, presumptuous, inconsiderate and totally overlooked petstarr's quite polite and easy to understand explaination about fucking the blog off for a while. anyway why don't you write your own friggin blog so we can ignore that vigorously.

  28. While it's disappointing there won't be any behind-the-scenes gossip from the ANTM finale to be devoured, I completely understand your need for some free time. I just started a new job too and my back aches from sitting at the computer most of the night typing up reports. Your recaps were great fun. If you pick them up again (Idol or any other show) please drop into the relevant Twop thread and let us know. Good luck with everything! Cheers, Anne


    you rule
    im glad to know your alive!

    cograts on the new job BTW

    peace out my homie g

  30. hey people, i loved the ANTM wrap ups and of course am disappointed that there won't be a final one. but seriously - too much emotional effort getting wasted with angry posts? there are other blogs to read

  31. Hahahaha wow can I sure relate! running my own lunatic blog each week, every week without fail and I'm late for ONE week and WOW do I hear about it!

    It used to bug the crap out've me sure. I'd kill myself stupid each week to come up with this crap and THIS was all the thanks I got!?

    But then I figured it out. They're bugging the crap out've you because they're addicted.. and if they're addicted it means you can TOY with them!

    If they want it now? fuck 'em. Have some fun with it.. that's what I reckon :)

  32. The funniest thing here is that the transition from one full-time job to another full-time job has apparently exposed the ease of your last role. So it was okay to wank around on the computer for hours on end every night when you were with your last employer, but it's all too much now? That's far more amusing than a diatribe about Marcia Hines being beige.

    I'm picturing you as a Southern dame in taffeta lying on the wicker divan on your porch in front of your plantation homestead with a silk kerchief in your hand and forearm across your forehead. 'Oh heavens to Betsy! I've come over awful faint! Mercy mercy me!'

  33. Scootikins - It's called a "promotion". I'm not surprised you don't understand.

  34. LOL some people here are so lame. Get a life. Take up knitting or something.

    Congrats on the new job, Petstar. If you do start blogging here again I'll be reading :)

  35. I'm knitting myself a 1978 Torana.

  36. Dear me, I'm just relieved you weren't abducted by Xenu per Scientologist Jodhello's request. Congrats on your new job!

    Note to self: don't write a blog, for there is an alarming amount of idiots reading them and subsequently spewing abuse at the writers.

    Note to idiots reading this blog and subsequently spewing abuse at the writer: Petstarr is not your property, and is not required to cater to your whims merely because you were magnanimous enough to read her blog every once in a while. In the immortal worlds of Orange Michael Kors: lighten up! It's just fashion.

  37. Too scared to tick AnonymousAugust 21, 2008 3:43 pm

    *peeks past the Do Not Disturb sign and wonders where she should send her cheque to get the Idol blog?*

  38. I for one am just glad you are ok! good news re the promotion and i have had heaps of happiness and laughs reading your blog so well done and just ignore the baddies. xx

  39. well done on the promotion! fingers crossed for more bland canyon when you get your head around the new role - love your work either way!

  40. Oh, yes.
    Would you be blogging about Australian Idol, my lovely Bland Canyon?
    That would be marvellous.
    I love you too.

  41. Please.. you MUST do the Idol Blog. Pretty Please!!

    Best part of the Idol show is reading your brilliant wrap up after each episode... Love your work!! Hope you have some plans to do it this series!!

    thanks for all of the laughs the past couple of series too!!

    Linda :)

  42. hey petstarr!

    I'm glad your okay! I actually was a bit worried that something horrible had happened -- but instead it sounds as though something great happened. Congrats on your new job.

    I wouldn't have minded a 5 min blog saying you wouldn't be covering the finale - as I was so looking forward to your thoughts on it. As well as perhaps some dirt on the finale party, but you are right that you don't owe us anything. Really we are like kids just wanting more candy, not at all entitled, but somehow feel we are?

    Anyways best of luck and hopefully you will cover next season of ANTM


  43. thanks for reminding us all about how YOUR blog
    is for YOU.
    so glad you can again grace us with your angelic presence...
    has your LAVA LIFE account been blocked now,

  44. No problems anonymous! Good to have you back!

  45. oh my!! Thought i'd pop back to my all time favourite blog after not having the internet for a year ( no longer has anything to write about since moving out of home and leaving her nutty family behind), but look at the dramz!!
    i think you should go on a "break" from these people, they're far too clingy/needy :P.

    Love ya work!

    Krystle :)

  46. Dear Petstarr;

    My offer of undying love still stands. But where oh where do I find your new adelaidenow blog? Uncle Rupert is a kind and generous god, but his websites are as navigable as Jerusalem old city while drunk and nude.

  47. Love your work, great to see you're getting some kudos on Adelaide Now!

    Well done, I kind of think it's a 'blogger's dream' to get into the mainstream media and you certainly deserve it with your quality. Or is it vim and piquant wit? Depends how long it's kept in the fridge I guess.

    Well done and sucks to be an anon who throws Heinz two-fruits mush at the wall for not getting their trash television served up with subtitles they're too dopey to come up with themselves. Personally, I think all the contestants flounced off at the end of the night relieved that at least one person didn't openly mock their inanity for one last time. But we all know it, regardless... we only have to look at past eps, to know what they show us all in the end. Plastic beavers, excited over tampons. Chin chin!

  48. Go Girl... I have a blog too and sick to death of the crap I get when it's not updated... My hobby. My time. My words... read it if you want but get off my back.
    You are a bloody excellent writer - my boyfriend sent me this link, I check it randomly, and am inspired frequently.

  49. Just want to say I miss you! LOVED the Bachelor blogs SOOOOOO much. Totally hilarious!!! I was hoping you'd be doing Bachelorette. Oh well. Enjoy your new job and your life. You brightened mine! Laurie

  50. Hey Laurie - never fear, Bland Canyon isn't on hiatus! I wrote this all the way back in 2008... :) I considered doing The Bachelorette but decided against it... I'm sure I'll pick up another show a bit further down the track. :)