Monday, April 06, 2009

Will you have me back, dear readers?

Hi Bland Canyon... wow, so good to see you again. Gee, you're looking great. REALLY great. Have you been working out?

Look... *cough*... I know it's been a long time, but... I can't stop thinking about you.

Say do you remember (ba de ya) dancing in September? Well I don't, because I'd had too much champagne which I think is one of the reasons I never finished working on that Australian Idol blog.

But look, I don't want to go into the whys and wherefores of what happened all those months ago - some things were said, some things weren't said at all (I think some people got angry about it, I can't really remember) - and in the end we went our separate ways.

But I think I'm ready now, Bland Canyon - ready to treat you properly again. I THINK I'M READY TO BLOG YOU AGAIN, BLAND CANYON.

And so, if you'll have me back, I'm going to start on APRIL 28 recapping the brand new season of AUSTRALIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. I do hope you'll join me.

If you feel like getting in the mood, relive the last series (and all the ire that flowed from my eventual decision not to blog the 2008 finale) here.



  1. Oh, it's so nice to see you two back together again. The bruises hardly show at all!

  2. Aaaah.
    The only thing that keeps me typing in the wee hours after a modules episode is the knowledge that you're still up, doing the same thing.
    Well, that and the amphetamines.

    Mostly the amphetamines.

  3. Love to you and the bland-ies!
    Subterranean Zeus

  4. Gosh I must be psychic I have not been on your blog for months and thought I would if you were writing again. Great news.

  5. Love it, can't wait to read some new posts!

  6. Ooh, Bland Canyon has undergone some serious cosmetic surgery.

  7. I love you like a fat kid loves chocolate cake. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Even if I can't stand any of the "top model" incarnations.

  8. Jacob - yes, there has been a bit of scalpel action in the last few weeks. Do you like it? It was the result of last Monday's day off...

    Andy Stripes - Yay! I'm so glad I'm being welcomed back with nice words about cake, instead of having cake thrown at me.

  9. ANTM - awesome! Never leave me again! I'd rather you just say "poop" once a week, then never post again - at least we know you're alive...

  10. Wow! I seriously thought you had died!! So great to hear you're alive and well! I LOVE your Oz Idol re-caps! Keep up the good work!

  11. Ahhhhh I'm shitting rainbows of happiness over this :) So stoked you'll be back!

  12. Praise Buddha that I kept you book marked for rainy day giggles!

    Since Ebony got the chop from my local pizza shop I've been mouring the lack of Module in my life in a huge way...

    Thank FUK you are back on top of things.

    The only thing that could be better than this is if the forth coming season had a tranny in it!
    (Go Isis!)

    Your Gays are ready and waiting!

  13. welcome back, kotter.

  14. Oh my gourd ^^ This is like the birthday present I didn't get! Part of the reason for that might be that it's not my birthday ;)
    Anyways, sooo glad to have you back, because AusNTM is not the same without you!

  15. Newbie alert!! Newbie alert!! There is no need to panic.

    Hey there! I saw your post over on TwoP and came over to poke around and you had me lmao in about 1 minute of reading your recaps from last season. I am SO looking forward to this.