Tuesday, June 09, 2009

OMG disaster!!!111!1

Well, not really - just felt like being all teen-speaky and using "OMG" in a headline.


Anyway the point is that sadly, this week's ANTM recap is going to be late. Bad couriers combined with work assignments have conspired to make this nightmare a reality.

So check back here Wednesday morning - and failing that, check back Thursday morning. And failing that, every morning thereafter until you see it. I'm hoping it won't be too late - but genius takes time, people.



  1. Keep up your good work fellow radelaidian! Love reading your re-caps, they are a highlight to my tuesday nights. But for this case, i'll just wait. Seriously i dont mind. :)

    Man im so chill today! I guess my uni work is not as bad as it seems. :D


  2. What a disaster that simulated press conference turned out to be! Almost as embarrasing to watch as it obviously was for the inept Virgin "ambassadors" who struggled to articulate even one sensible, let alone relevant, thought about what they were supposed to be promoting. Tahnee waffled on about Victoria's Secret, Claire insulted a reporter, Frankie threatened to kill another, Cassie lied when she wasn't totally tongue-tied, Adele dobbed her in, and Lola had a hissy fit. Somewhere, Richard Branson is tearing out his facial hair, but it was glorious television!

  3. Just wondering in view of scripted banalities in this series: is there a credited writer? Can we take him/her out and shoot them?

    Shot: Cassie coming downstairs in pyjamas and spotting a Sarah Mail.

    Cassie: "I came downstairs this morning and saw a Sarah Mail."

    Shot: models arriving at Hugo's nightclub

    Claire: 'So we arrived at Hugo's which is a nightclub thingy..."


  4. awwww waiting in anticipation.

  5. spoiler ---

    I'm gutted that Lola got the arse. She was the most fun. I bet the director is probably upset too; about half of every episode is Lola's narration.

    Am I the only one who thinks that
    a) Claire is shy and overcompensating for it, and
    b) I must be taking crazy pills if nobody in the series sees it that way?

  6. Not to worry. I laughed so hard watching this episode. Especially when I saw MANky as Beyonce in drag. OMG, that was SOY funny I had laughcramps. Though I don't see why they kept her. And lol at Lola being judged by her new girlfriend. And the photographer Gay... So much funny stuff.
    I still love Clare.

  7. It's coming it's coming... sorry, I've been so busy :(

    Don't you hate it when real life intrudes on your cyber life?

    At this stage, I'm aiming for a Sunday arvo publish date. I know that's a bit sucky, but it's the best I can do at this stage. Good news is that the next two eps at least will be done ON TIME, guaranteed. Unless I go to hospital with swine flu or something. (and even then I'll try to do it from my bed)


  8. You're a trooper and I'll make sure to send you the flu vaccine (just in case ) ^^

  9. You just relax, all your hard work with freaky photo sourcing gives complete strangers like me serious happy chortles. It's just nice knowing it'll come at some time. You're fabulous.

  10. You are so awesome Petstarr. Take as much time as you want.

    I think Clare will take this. Adele keeps stuffing up and Tahnee as shown by the press conference is a bit of a moron, but a very cute moron!

  11. wow, i've never experienced blog withdrawal symptoms before! look forward to Sun!

  12. Awww! I'm going to really miss that Lola - the only one with a head screwed on. Then again, she's also 20 which is practically middle age in the modelling world.

    Tahnee - hahahaha, God she made me laugh this episode.

    Clare's final photo was really something. Can't remember any of the rest.

    Still hoping Cassie wins :)

    Thanks for the update Petstarr!

  13. So they basically MADE Franky bully Cassi, because there was no Demelza around this time. "Your prize Franky: You get to be evil for a day! Yay!"
    I guess the bullying is okay, because Sarah Murdoch said so. What the fuck?
    I don't see any fun in that.