Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ANTM live Twitter updates

Hey Y'all.

This is the rarely-heard-from-these-days Raoul Duke for PetStarr, who's currently en route to ANTM headquarters for tonight's SOY exciting (did I get it right?) finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As part of a fashionably post-modern (but higly risky) experiment, Petstar will be live-blogging tonight's antics via her twitter page so by all means tune in.

In other news, I will be at home on the couch with our puppy-childlive-blogging very exciting developments there, that may or may not include eating fruit, watching higly depressing music documentaries I'm not allowed to watch when Petstarr is home (Morrissey, Jeff Buckley) and "researching" various "sites" on the "internet".


  1. The twitter thing is fucking stupid.
    You go around shamelessly self-promoting then don't even do a real recap - and the absence of a recap for last years' finale was so Jodhi of you.

  2. Wow guys, chill! I work Tuesday to Saturday, you know. Can you give me some time?

    And "shamelessly self promoting"? What the?

  3. wow, you're a fucking clown anonymous. didn't realise people were contracted to bring entertainment to your dull life.

  4. Haha, people on here are hyterical! We appreciate every little scrap and morsel of humor that falls off your table and I'd gladly wait a month for just one paragraph from your - figuratively spoken - pen. Keep up the good work, get some rest on the weekend and don't be bothered by those douchecocks ^^

  5. I was chilled! I haven't been obsessively reloading the page, I swear*

    Looking forward to the last bit of genius for cycle 5!

    *I have a really boring job and I'm running out of things to read on the internet.

  6. petstarr - don't let the odd angry shot get to you - you've got us hooked - that peeved anon person probably had a brain explosion due to withdrawal symptoms.

  7. G'Damn! WTH??? Sorry Petstarr. Apparently there are rude people everywhere.

    OF COURSE I'm super excited for your finale recap and I always assumed it would take you a bit to write it, between real life and having a long ass finale to cover. I will gladly wait patiently for it though because I know it will be worth it. ; )

  8. She always does this. Writes recaps throughout the season and then goes to the live finale and pussies out. Makes her look like she's sold out to FOXTEL again. Really disappointing, but not unexpected.

  9. 'Always'????? She did it once. And apologised. Give her time to recover and get over the shock of blood on the runway. But I do soooo want details...and reactions.... and pics...and captions....