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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News flash! Get yer old-timey news 'ere!

You know what this country needs? More good old-fashioned news reporting. Lucky @Barilski and I are around to fix the defecit with this old-timey newsflash we made. And it comes complete with old-timey sexist humour, which is always good.

what do you think? Should we make more?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tres confused about Trey Songz

Apparently there is some sort of RnB star called Trey Songz currently gumming up the airwaves, probably with autotuned songs that feature the word "club" in the title.

I'd never heard of him until last week, when he turned up in Adelaide's Rundle Mall and made about 30 schoolgirls promptly freak out - mostly because they thought he was Usher.

Anyway, one such schoolgirl made a video of the event which I thought I'd share, because it made me laugh so much I almost sprayed coffee on my computer.

This video made me LOL for the following reasons:

1. The girl filming breathing "Oh my god... oh my GODDD..."
2. The bewildered cop
3. The woman in the wheelchair who practically gets kicked out of the way
4. The frantic girl who starts screaming "SEXY!! SO SEXY!!"
5. The fact that at the end, they get into a taxi with plastic shopping bags. JUST LIKE REAL CELEBRITIES.