Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worst jeans ever?

I don't want to alarm anyone, but according to the latest edition of InStyle magazine, THIS outfit is currently fashionable:

I don't know what she's looking so smug about.

Yes, you can now slap your forehead in embarrassment for throwing out those old "painting jeans" you diligently kept at the back of your wardrobe for 25 years even though you never did any painting in them - WHAT A FOOL YOU WERE. LOOK HOW SUPREMELY TRENDY THESE PANTS ARE. DON'T YOU WISH YOU HAD KEPT THEM NOW?

If only you had a time machine you could travel back to the moment you threw them away and rescue them... or better yet, to 1984 WHEN THESE GODAWFUL PANTS WERE FASHIONABLE THE FIRST TIME ROUND.

Yes it's true - these pants have managed to be fashionable at least TWICE in history.

If you're lucky, you might be able to raid your local Goodwill and find a similar pair - they'll be up the back on the "bargain rack", and might set you back 50 cents.

Or you could just go to whatever shop sells these sorts of things new and pay $297 for the ones in the picture. I'm not kidding.

I just... I can't even...


  1. Why is it that fat women always feel the need to comment on things they would never fit in? I understand you feel like a fat shit sitting on the computer creating entries for your 'hilarious' blog that we've all seen a million times before but how about you get over your insecurities, take a trip into a newsagent and have a look at some fashion/lifestyle magazines from all around the world. You will see all types of fashion that fatties don't fit into but you may appreciate the art and design involved. I am so sick of listening to fat armchair critics that will whinge about anything they can't do and obviously have huge image issues (pun intended). Just because your fat, boring, polo shirt wearing baggy jean boyfriends perve on all the other girls, wishing they could have sex with someone remotely attractive just once.

  2. Eddie, how about the insecurities of a guy who feels better about himself by making dumb cracks at a blogger who's clearly more intelligent and funny than he is?

  3. Eddie is obviously the designer of these godawful pants.

  4. Are you serious Eddie? If anyone is going to fit into those godawful pants it's a fat woman. I reckon I've seen plenty wearing ones just like that dropping their kids off at playgroup and doing the Saturday morning netball run.

  5. How does her criticism of these clearly hideous pants in any way imply she's fat? Maybe someone is projecting their own insecurities on others, no?!

  6. Who Eddie - anger management can't wait to get their hands on you pal.

  7. I'll tell you what she's looking so smug about. She's tall, slender, and mad hot.

  8. I haven't read this blog for ages, I think it was during the last Idol. It's still great, and those pants are so Corfu! I had some in 1983, which I harangued Mum for and eventually emerged victorious with.
    I do believe I wore them to Head of the River with; a white Sportsgirl windcheater, double collar frilly shirt in pink from Peggotty's, and the de rigeur Desert Boots with coloured laces.
    Now for Eddie, the vitriol displayed in your absurd and ludicrous rant suggests to me that you are a very fat slug of a man, whose penis more resembles an engorged clitoris, hence, you are at present dwelling sulkily at the end of an ever growing waiting list for frontal lobe/ gender realignment surgery. You go girl man.
    Keep up the fash blogger.The word I have to verify is FREDNESS!!!!
    How quaintly appropriate....
    Eddie, get thee some Fredness!
    oh, and i'm not anonymous, i'm a fucking bitch!

  9. Sexy outfit...The tv show I always watch