Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After discovering that the lovable HayleiLovesRealityTV has been kicked off YouTube for the heinous crime of uploading Australia's Next Top Model episodes for desperate expats like me to watch, I have spent the last hour trying to find another copy of episode 8 to watch on the web.

Fortunately, I have located one. I'm not going to tell you where it is, in case the internet police get to it and burn it, but have a random picture of Simon(e) to celebrate:


The thing is, now it's 11.30pm here and I'm feeling rather nannaish so I'm going to go to bed and leave the recapping until tomorrow morning. That probably means late Tuesday night to all of you down under.

Until then, why not amuse yourselves by reading recaps of ANTM Season 5? It was a cracker.


  1. First off, love your work.. I found your blog the other year and it's still as lol-worthy as ever!

    And also, I just wanted to say, obviously you've found somewhere to watch AuNTM, but I watch it online too.. All the episodes are available on www.tv-links.eu, they usually have a few different links where you can watch from :)