Monday, September 12, 2011

Excuses, excuses...

You may have noticed that the last two Australia's Next Top Model recaps have gone AWOL. As indeed, have I.

That's because I moved to New York city last week, and therefore have been distracted by bagels, hotdogs and "cups o' cawfee". And knishes:

What is a knish? We may never know.
And no, that's not a giant popped collar, it's a shadow.

So anyway, that's my excuse.

The good news, for the three of you who care, is that I'm planning to do them both soon. I'm also going to launch a new part of my blog dedicated to reviewing coffee here in the Big Apple, which so far has been surprisingly terrible. More on that later...



  1. While I am desperately...uhm...desperate to read your reviews of the AusNTM episodes, I am also extatically and vicariously happy that you've moved to New York! And just in time for the anniversary ;)

  2. Make that 4 :)

    Love a bit of coffee snobbery..

  3. Gitane in Nolita does the best coffee in NYC

    Not surprisingly there is an Australian connection there - also do vegemite on toast

  4. Can't wait to read your coffee review blog. Enjoy NYC! I love your antm recaps. So witty and on the ball of what I am thinking. Thanks for the hard work and not forgetting us