Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A musical interlude

While I patiently wait for someone to upload episode 11 of Australia's Next Top Model to the interwebtube so that I can recap it in hilarious fashion, let's all take a small musical interlude and remember last year:

I can only hope something as epic as this occurs at this year's finale. If the dyslexic work experience kid isn't available to stuff up the voting count, I suggest the following to keep things interesting:

  • Simon(e) and Neo to duet on Ebony and Ivory as all the other modelettes parade in swimwear.

  • Alex Perry to make his entrance on a giant pair of sunglasses, sort of like Kylie Minogue did for the Sydney Olympics.

  • Sarah Murdoch to announce the winner from inside an inflatable plastic ball floating on a wave pool.

  • Cassy to be announced as surprise winner.


Any other suggestions?


  1. I want to see YOU on the finale, Petstarr! What's wrong with Fox8, DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO THIS SHOW?

  2. * Liz's cheating boyfriend gets on stage and begs her to forgive him. She has to very politely and characteristically explain to him that she cannot remember his name.

    * Someone to play a montage of all the mean things Simone has said about other contestants, and then all the other contestants to be given cream pies to throw at Simone.

    * Maddie to give Charlotte Dawson a makeover.

    * Izzy shows up with pink hair again, and the crew allows Joh Bailey to wail on her. Her coffin-owning, horror-surf band boyfriend jumps to the rescue in full cape and fangs, and attempts to suck the life out of the hairdresser.

    * Alex Perry turns up wearing the dress that Alissandra wore on the photo shoot when she was called a piece of overstuffed luggage.

    * Yolanda's dad gets up and tells her off for wearing see through clothes on t.v.

    * Rachel leads an aerobics class.

    * Amelia shows us all her holiday slides from everywhere on the planet, and narrates them.

  3. A cage fight between Dawson and Smurdoch and whoever wins gets to host next season. Bros can ref

  4. Elimy - I CAN'T BETTER THAT. This blog is now officially yours. Enjoy blogging the live finale from another timezone.

    Michael M - If you get Pezza to dress up at Tina Turner, I'm down with that idea.

  5. I have to confess, my entire list is inspired by you and Jo. As I watch the episodes, I say to my sister: petstarr said this, and petstarr said that. And she says SHUT UP ABOUT THAT BLOG AND JUST WATCH THE MODELS. But it actually enhances my viewing to read your blog :P and I linked you from both my blogs last week. Hooray for not doing uni work, right?