Monday, October 31, 2011

6 celebrity wigs that cleverly avoid lawsuits

It's Halloween in America today, which means that in a few hours normally sane adults will suddenly emerge from their dwellings dressed as cats, zombies and Snooki and spend the evening trying to drink beer through masks.

B grade celebrities are always popular costume choices, because as I discovered in my local Halloween shop last week (yes, I have one), all you really need to pull off a convincing celebrity look is a wig.

If you can find one. I searched high and low for a Donald Trump wig and all I could find was this:

I can't tell who this is supposed to be.

It kind of LOOKS like Donald Trump, but it also looks a bit like Conan O'Brien with a hernia. Is Conan a billionaire though? So many questions.

Then I saw this one and thought "When did Anna Wintour marry a soccer player?"

Tosh spice.

You can't really see on this next one, but it was titled "Alaskan Mamma".

Don't misunderestimate this costume.

I'm not exactly sure but I THINK this is supposed to be Sarah Palin. If so, it's not a very realistic costume. I found a much better one at a different shop down the street:


And look, it's the "Eurasian Traveller":

Nice, I like.

What do you mean, that's a very unlikely specific costume? No, I don't know where the other continental "traveller" wigs are. Borat? Never heard of him.

And then there was everyone's favourite pop star, "Wet Look!"


Come on, you know Wet Look. He was big in the 80s, did that song where he was dancing in a graveyard - Chiller. He used to wear one diamond covered sock. Bobby Jane? Rough Burglar? Don't Finish 'til You've Had Your Fill? No?

In the end I think the most realistic celebrity wig was this one:

Winning, etc.

Mainly because I think Charlie Sheen will probably legally change his name to "Party Guy" soon anyway, if the courts won't allow "Winning Q. Tigerblood".


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