Saturday, December 17, 2011

11 cool famous dudes in uncool Christmas outfits

This week Matt Damon sent bloggers into overdrive by appearing on the US Today show in an extremely dodgy Christmas-themed knitted vest:

Still would.

But I'm not sure why anyone was really all that surprised.

Damon's not the first cool, famous guy to ever don gay apparel for the holiday season. Let's not forget:


Jimi Hendrix wants to come down your chimney.

The world's greatest guitarist and one of the coolest musicians who ever lived dressed up as Santa for this 1967 photo shoot. He was probably high.


"Mizzle Chrizzle, ma nizzle, fo' shizzle."

Only Snoop could wear a giant knitted jumper with a snowman and love hearts on it and still look like he could kill you. Meanwhile, it's obvious that snowman is smoking Christmas chronic.


It's ya boy - S to the C!

Jay Z is loved by the entire city of New York. He's married to the hottest pop star in the world and is about to become a dad to one of the world's coolest children. He is human kryptonite to the cool-reducing powers of the Santa hat.


"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

Bob Dylan is so cool, he released the world's worst Christmas album, AND dressed up as Hobo Claus in his music video, and people still think he's one of the coolest musicians in history.


"Hello. Would you like to turn me on?"

I haven't got a Christmas tree this year, I've got a Gosling. It looks really good in the corner of the room.


"Hello. Would you like to unwrap me?"

I haven't got Christmas presents this year, I've just got a Franco to put under my Gosling.


"Ima let you finish, but this is one of the best jumpers of all time."

While mere mortals are instantly reduced to dag status in the very presence of a knitted Christmas jumper, Kanye manages to actually put one on and still look pretty awesome. Then again, he's proved he can also wear a woman's shirt on stage and still look cool, so he's probably not actually human.


"Should I have bought that matching sock and tie set?"

It's generally agreed upon that Becks is a pretty cool dude, until he opens his mouth and says something. Or wears a natty Christmas jumper like this. Still, you would, wouldn't you?


"Give presents away, give 'em away now!"

One of the best bass players ever, Flea loses absolutely no cool points for hitting the stage with the Red Hot Chili Peppers dressed as the jolly man in red. Although it is slightly disappointing that he didn't just opt for a Christmas stocking on his wang instead.

And finally:



Merry. Fucking. Christmas.


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